Meet the Glee Parents Part 2: Emma's Mom and Dad!

Meet the Glee Parents Part 2: Emma's Mom and Dad!

Or is it Part 3? Between Mike Chang's parents, Brittany's mom, and Emma's mom and dad, you'd think it'd be a regular McKinley High parents' convention or something. Or at least a student-teacher conference.

Wait hold that unsanitized phone, did you say Emma's parents? Yep, seems Ryan Murphy and co. will be adding Mr. and Mrs. Pillsbury into the parental mix as well this season. If you've read up on our guide for season 3's episode 3 ("Asian F"), then you'll know all the dirty details (sorry, Emma):

"Playing Emma’s ma and pa are Desperate Housewives alum Valerie Mahaffey (United States of Tara, Northern Exposure) and Happy Days vet Don Most (Men of a Certain Age, Star Trek: Voyager)."

So what are your thoughts on Emma's parents, think Mahaffey and Most will make the perfect TV mom and dad to Jayma Mays' Emma? Let's think up some horror stories for Ma and Pa Pillsbury to tell Will in the comments. ;)

Source: TV Line (TV Guide, original source)