Matthew Morrison Dishes on Will Schuester

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October 22, 2009

So far, Terri’s kept her pretend pregnancy private. But that moment we’ve all been dreading (or secretly hoping for) is bound to happen sooner or later. Take a look at this snippet from TV Guide’s interview with Matthew Morrison:

Pregnancy problems: “Terri’s doing a hell of a job at keeping it under wraps,” says Morrison. “She won’t let me touch her, she’s playing the victim and stuff, so it’s been very interesting. What she’s doing, there’s no redemption from, it’s borderline criminal. Will is eventually going to find out that Terri is not pregnant; it’s going to be quite the blow out. I would think he would leave her. … I’d like to see him have a little bit of a backbone.”

Find out what else is in store for Will Schuester in the full interview.