Make Way For Kurt's Family Meeting Blaine and...Anne Hathaway!

Want the latest Glee scoopage before February hits? Got some for you right here:

  • Sorry Finchel fans, but it's somewhat depressing news on that front - Lea Michele (Rachel) has confirmed that the two are indeed broken up. For now, at least. (Remember we were told that Finchel and Wemma are the endgame?) So we'll have to put up with a little more of Rachel yearning for Finn (remember season 1?).
  • We get to go all Meet The Parents on Kurt/Blaine. Mike O'Malley (Burt) lets us in on a little secret, that Blaine will get introduced to Burt in an upcoming episode story. “It’s a great story,” he said. “I just got the script.” Loving that idea.
  • Even though a ton of us are into Blaine, we're still missing Kurt being a part of New Directions. So is Amber Riley (Mercedes): “I want him to come back so bad. I miss him. [Though the] storyline Chris is having at the other school is amazing. And I love the Warblers. I’m a big fan of their music. Maybe I should transfer over there? Mercedes could shave her head and pretend to be a boy.” But despite Amber dreaming up some Mercedes storylines at Dalton, it's looking like Kurt's stuck where he is. Again, for now.
  • Sue's (Jane Lynch) upcoming appearance with New Directions isn't going to be a very long one (unfortunately for us, but fortunately for Jane herself). “[Jane]‘s a little bored because the choir room scenes are always the hardest and require the longest hours,” says Matthew Morrison (Will). “So she’s getting a taste of what it’s like to be in the glee club and have the long hours.”
  • And for those of you who are Anne Hathaway fans like's some video scoop with the story on Ryan Murphy agreeing to put her (and her own made-up Glee character) on the show:

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