Listen to the Songs from Glee Season 3 Episode 3 “Asian F”!

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September 30, 2011

Between Brittany’s rockin’ “Run the World (Girls)”, a Dream Girls number by the whole Glee cast, and the awe-inspiring rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You”, “Asian F” promises to be more than amazing by musical standards. Oh, and of course we get our first solo by Mike Chang (Harry Shum, Jr.), and it’s very “cool”.

Take a listen below to all the songs from next week’s new Glee, episode 3 of season 3, “Asian F” (you can also listen to all the songs minus “Fix You” over at Glee The Music):

Source: FOX

  • Bobby

    Wow I can’t wait to watch this episode. It’s gonna be really good.

  • i<3glee

    they had this amazing voice for two whole seasons and never used it until now! hes amazing!!!:)

  • Trisha

    The best episode so far..