Listen to Glee’s Original Songs: ‘Get it Right’ and ‘Loser Like Me’

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March 8, 2011

First original will be sung by Rachel and it’s called ‘Get It Right’:

What can you do when your good isn’t good/And all that you touch tumbles down/’Cause my best intentions/Keep making a mess of things/Just wanna fix it somehow/But how many times will it take/Oh, how many times will it take… for me to get it right?

Adam Anders explained to TV Guide from where the inspiration for the song came:

“I’ve watched Rachel struggle. She’s always trying to do the right thing, or thinks she’s trying to do the right thing… and it always gets messed up. ‘Get It Right’ is her asking when things are going to work out. It’s really emotional.”

The second original song set to debut on an upcoming episode is titled ‘Loser Like Me’.

Anders describes is as an “anthem” for New Directions: “It’s celebrating everyone’s differences and saying, ‘Look you can say whatever you want about me, but at the end of the day, you’re going to want to be a loser like me,’” he continues. “It makes being a loser a cool thing. It flips it on its head…. I kind of saw everyone putting their Ls in the air.”

Thanks to Bennani for the heads up!

  • Avery-victoria23

    omg! i love both these songs soo much! there just perfect!

  • Michaela

    get it right.. is beautiful.. i fell in love with it when i heard the first note..
    and loser like me is the perfect song for them.. :)

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    a def crowd-pleaser. :D

  • MickiMarie

    OMG! my name is the same as yours! same spelling too! well thats something you dont see everyday!! and i agree with what you said!

  • Fuzzymustache

    wow they did a great job on the songs love them and omg rachels voice good god it is amazing