Listen To Glee Season 2 Episode 20 “Prom Queen” Songs

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May 7, 2011

Catch your first listen to all the songs to our Glee prom right here, a set list that includes ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” (of course), and a slightly annoying-yet-somewhat-expected Internet song sensation (you know what it is).

You can listen to all the songs from “Prom Queen” at Glee The Music, or down below:


    Why do they have to cover Friday its the worst song they did a better job but the lkyrics are horrible COME ON !!!!!!!!!

  • Chiquiflakes

    Holly Molly if Reachel is singing jar of hearts, that means she either blows Jesse off or something awfull is going on with Finn.

  • FridayIsAnAbomination

    Poor Glee Cast~ I Can’t believe they had to cover Friday!~ It’s the worst song I’ve ever heard~ Ugh

  • seema

    if sam and quinn aren’t gonna be together again i really i want quinn to with jesse

  • Jessica Hambley

    Love every song but friday @jessicaluvsjb18

  • Jessica Hambley

    Love every song but friday @jessicaluvsjb18

  • k4iscool

    im super siked to hear them sing rolling in the deep! i love that song! and jar of hearts <3 too bad they have to sing friday! :(

  • DeDe Puckerman

    Jar of hearts wow!!! like the song……… even Friday cuz the song is stupid without meaning……. perfect for a MH Prom hahahah

  • Stanford

    Is it wrong that I actually kinda like the Fiday cover?