Latest Spoilers from Kristin on 'Glee'

Latest Spoilers from Kristin on 'Glee'

Kristin from eOnline once again answered fans questions on their TV favorite shows. Continue reading to check the latest spoilers on Glee:

Finn and Quinn again on Glee? No! Tell me it ain't so!

  • It is so. Quinn and Finn, part two, takes over the Valentine's Day episode. But if you are on the Finn-Rachel team, you will get a pretty sweet scene smack dab in the middle of the drama.

More about the best new couple ever: Puck and Lauren!

  • You will love the Valentine's Day episode. We get to see the seven minutes in heaven incident in the closet—and why it was actually cut short to three minutes. The opening scene of the episode will be an instant favorite for Puck-Lauren fans! Actually, the whole episode will be an instant favorite.

Will Blaine and Kurt ever become and item or does Blaine have his eyes on someone else? From the looks of the sneak peek of the Tuesday episode of Glee, he might have a thing for the guy who works at the Gap store?

  • We liked it better when Blaine was perfect, and we didn't have to cringe on Darren Criss' behalf. Yes, in the Valentine's Day episode, the show backpedals wildly on Kurt-Blaine's relationship; apparently all their sparks meant nothing, for instead of loving Kurt as he is meant to do, Blaine loves some useless Gap salesman. (Wasn't Patrick Dempsey involved in a Will & Grace episode in this same vein?) Blaine exhorts his fellow Warblers to join him in what is possibly the most embarrassing romantic serenade yet produced by the show, and our Klaine-loving hearts were pierced straight through. Sigh.