Jessalyn Gilsig to Return as Terri? She'll Just Show Up

Jessalyn Gilsig to Return as Terri? She'll Just Show Up

Watch with Kristin has an exclusive interview up with Glee's Jessalyn Gilsig in an attempt to answer the one question that's on all our minds - is Terri gone for good?

"I still haven't gotten my letter," Jessalyn reveals to us, referring to her official pick-up from Fox to come back this fall. "Enough! Where's my letter? Maybe I'll get it in a text. I have my parking pass, so I'll just show up." In case you happen to be a "soulless automaton" like those kids from Vocal Adrenaline, these are jokes people, jokes! Still, Jessalyn adds on a more serious note: "I'm feeling pretty confident about it. But I always like to have that little piece of paper in the end."

Check out more of the E! Online interview here, where Jessalyn also talks more about the upcoming season finale. And, she leaves us on this note:

"If you don't have Sue and me [Terri], the show may as well be on the Disney Channel!"

Well, according to Jessalyn anyway. And, as strange as it is to think of Glee that way, I'd have to agree with her. I also agree with her that upcoming season storylines should still include the former Mrs. Schue - even if only in small doses. I mean, as annoying as her character was, "crazy Terri" presented tons of conflict!  Sue can't keep after McKinley's glee club forever. Or maybe she can....

What do you guys think? More Terri or no Terri? Think the show will be the same without her? Discuss in the comments!