Jessalyn Gilsig Talks Terri - And Her Return

Jessalyn Gilsig Talks Terri - And Her Return

After her fake pregnancy storyline in season 1, we've all been kind of wondering if the former Mrs. Schuester would be playing as large a part in season 2 - or even if she would really be coming back at all. But actress Jessalyn Gilsig assured us that Terri would indeed still be a part of Will's life.

And even though Terri's character has been a little absent so far this season (although her "homewrecker" line certainly was quite the re-introduction), Gilsig says again that we definitely have more Terri to look forward to real soon:

"Terri will be motivated to get back in there and make her presence known." Gilsig says. And according to the original TV Guide interview with Gilsig, we'll have to wait until Episode 10 until her "gameplan takes shape".

But we'll actually be seeing some more of Terri before then - in tonight's new episode, "The Substitute" (possibly to care for a sick Will?):

"Will needs a friend, and it turns out that he doesn't have any," Gilsig says. "Terri's his last option. She and Will get to kind of quietly be together, the way they must have been before everything blew up. It's really sweet ... whether or not it's healthy."

So what do you guys think Terri has in store for Will's future?