It's a Glee Christmas Miracle! Finn and Santana Team Up in "Extraordinary Merry Christmas"

It's a Glee Christmas Miracle! Finn and Santana Team Up in "Extraordinary Merry Christmas"

Finn's comment to Santana about her being his "first" hit me like a ton of bricks in last night's new Glee, "I Kissed a Girl" (I don't know how I could have possibly forgotten that), and I have to say I've really enjoyed seeing their friendship evolve.

Since we're on the subject of Fanta/Sinn (I know, awesome, right?), Finn asks Santana for help in episode 9, "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" with picking out a gift for Rachel (I'm thinking this is where that Zales spoiler comes in):

Think of it as a Christmas miracle. In the show’s holiday episode, [Finn and Santana] have a great scene in which they bury the hatchet for good. (Or at least for good for now.) When he asks her to help him pick out a present for Rachel, she talks him out of a necklace (a gift she claims sends the wrong message) and into a pair of earrings.

Speaking of Christmas miracles, we not only get some great Finn/Santana scenes - we get Christmas Elf Rory! Here's some more Christmas-related scoop:

Oh, and speaking of the Christmas ep: As Lea Michelle revealed on Twitter this week, the hour will pay homage to the classic (and ubercheesy) holiday specials of the ’60s, complete with classic Yuletide scenes, an over-the-top announcer and way-over-the-top costumes (e.g. Rory as Itchy the Christmas Elf).

Guess that explains this photo:

In other, somewhat holiday-related news, "Groffy Klaus is coming to town". Except, it will be a sort of belated Christmas gift to us Gleeks. Jonathan Groff will reprise his role as Jesse St. James in the back six episodes of season 3, to air in the spring. Better late than never, right?

So, what do you think of the Christmas episode paying homage to the '60s holiday specials?

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