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Helen Mirren Guest Starring as...? Plus More Episode 10 Spoilers

Helen Mirren Guest Starring as...? Plus More Episode 10 Spoilers

You might be thinking, what's with all the guest stars? Didn't Ryan Murphy say he'd cool it with guests and tributes? Well, sort of. Hold your unicorns, Gleeks because this future Glee guest star is no ordinary guest star - she's a voice over. Woah.

As reported by TV Line, the voice of Helen Mirren (The Queen) will be featured in an upcoming episode (or episodes?) of Glee as the "inner voice" of a "character who shall remain nameless":

“Helen came in and secretly recorded several long and hilarious monologues two weeks ago,” says the source. “Then she visited the kids on set, and they had no idea she was coming; they were stunned.”

Who wants to bet kitty candy bars it's Lord Tubbington? I hear the episode for Mirren will be our first episode back from hiatus in January (episode 10).

That's not all that's going down in episode 10. As we've heard, Will is going to pop the question to Emma in the appropriately titled "Yes/No". Here's some extra scoop on the musical aspect of that, via Examiner:

"Well…the song is ‘We Found Love’. The suits they wore were nautical themed. But, Matt Morrison was wearing a white tuxedo. Jayma Mays was there also. The number is on a clear platform that was put on the pool, so the cast isn't all swimming, but dancing on top of the water. I didn’t see Amber Riley around. I’m not sure if she didn't leave the pool or she wasn’t there."

And on the synchronized swimming front (c'mon, you know it's manly...), might there be more shirtless Glee guys aside from Chord Overstreet's Sam Evans?

"HAHA! I know Damian and Kevin were wearing shirts. And Chord…well…he wasn’t wearing a shirt ;) But, with the rest of them I’m not sure. They all had their robes closed up and I couldn’t see!"

"I know he (Chris Colfer) was in a pool scene with the rest of the cast. Chord did some stuff on his own (as you’ll see in the promo for when Glee comes back ;) ) but yes, the whole cast was in our pool at one point. It’s an indoor pool though, so I don’t know exactly what they were doing…but I know what song they’re using!"

Are you with me in thinking that episode 10 sounds just a bit epic? Head to the comments and voice your thoughts!