Have Mercy! John Stamos Offered Role on Glee

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June 14, 2010

Seems everybody wants to be on Glee these days. As this season’s popular freshman musical dramedy approaches its second season, it’s starting to rack up the guest stars, and more recurring characters. Now we hear John Stamos, otherwise known as Jesse Katsopolis of well-known sitcom, Full House, has been preparing for his upcoming role on the series – which includes singing and dancing. Oh, and being a dentist. Sound familiar?

“I’m at the gym right now working out. I’m singing and dancing every day. All day. So I hope they let me sing and dance a little. I started watching the show when they goofed on me and fell in love with Glee. I find it to be a celebration of diversity and I’m proud to be joining that whole extremely talented team. A singing and dancing dentist sounds funny.”

What I’m wondering is if a certain Emma quote had anything to do with it – “They say it takes certainty more than talent to make a star. I mean, look at John Stamos.”

Source: WENN Blog