Glee Guests: Pitbull Confirmed as Big Bro to...?

Glee Guests: Pitbull Confirmed as Big Bro to...?

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Previously reported that rapper Pitbull would be guesting on Glee as part of the Lopez family as Santana's big brother, it's since been confirmed that Pitbull will in fact play the part of big bro, but not to Santana:

While the rapper will officially be making an appearance on the show come 2012, Chord Overstreet (Sam) confirmed to Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM morning show today that he’ll be playing Puck’s big brother, rather than Santana’s!

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With the unofficial news that the role molded for Glee Project co-winner Sam Larsen will be Puck's cousin, sounds like there could potentially be a big Puck storyline coming up in the 2012 spring episodes.

Thoughts on why big brother Puckerman could be showing up? Santana fans, you bummed that Pitbull and Gloria Estefan won't be coming together as the Lopez family after all? Share in the comments!

Source: Wetpaint Entertainment (original source: Ryan Seacrest)