Glee Guest Spoilers: Ashley Tisdale on Glee? And When's Jonathan Groff Coming?

Glee Guest Spoilers: Ashley Tisdale on Glee? And When's Jonathan Groff Coming?

The Glee Project's Samuel Larsen certainly warmed our hearts as Joe Hart in his Glee debut during last night's new Valentine's Day episode (how do you think he compares to Damian McGinty as Rory? Better, just as amazing?). Which leads us to wonder, since we've already seen runner-up Lindsay Pearce's two episode run, when's other runner-up Alex Newell making his grand entrance?

It's been hinted that Alex's Glee character will be meshing with Jonathan Groff's Jesse St. James. It's also been said that Jon Groff will be making an appearance somewhere in these spring episodes - which TV Line has confirmed is still a go:

"As you know, Groff just inked a deal to join the Season 2 cast of Boss as a series regular. But a McKinley High insider tells me that Lea Michele’s real-life BFF is still set to appear in two episodes of Glee later this season."

While I know you Jesse St. Sexy fans are probably frothing at the mouth, could this also mean good news for Alex Newell/Glee Project fans? Here's hoping.

Meanwhile, in covering her recent Valentine's guest stint on Raising Hope, E! Online also had a talk with Ashley Tisdale on whether or not she would move on from one hit within the FOX family of shows to another:

"I'm a big fan of Glee and it's always so nice for someone to reach out and invite you to be a guest on the show, so if they wanted to have me, that'd be great!...I heard Zac [Efron] said that he wanted to play something crazy on the show."

"Crazy" as in a serial killer. I think you're confusing Glee with Ryan Murphy's other show, Zac. But as far as Ashley goes, if she were to guest on Glee, what type of character would you have her play? Something along the lines of Rachel Berry-crazy or really crazy? Hit the comments!