Guess Who's On Glee?

Guess Who's On Glee?

Not a whole lot spoiler-wise going down on the Glee front these past couple of days, especially when talking about our regular cast of glee clubbers. But we did manage to dig up some extra little tidbits about upcoming appearances (some more set in stone than others). Like this one from Fancast about a possible guest-star appearance on Glee from Heroes' Masi Oka:

I am a huge Jayma Mays fan and was glad to read that she’ll be appearing in the ‘Heroes’ season finale. Any more scoop on that? – Ed
Only that Masi Oka might one day “return the favor” by guest starring on Mays’ show, ‘Glee.’ “I actually talked to [Fox entertainment chief] Kevin Reilly about that, and he was intrigued,” Oka tells me. I know what you’re thinking: Hiro can carry a tune? (And hopefully sans subtitles?) “I can sing enough,” says Oka. “Let’s put it that way.” Ten bucks if he covers a certain song by Enrique Iglesias.

And don't look now (okay, we want you to look), but there are some familiar faces hiding out in the Glee background. According to BuddyTV, Janette Manrara and Jason Glover of So You Think You Can Dance's fifth season have joined third season's Lauren Gottlieb in the cast of Glee as members of rival glee club, Vocal Adrenaline. Check out the photo from rehearsals straight from Lauren herself.

And one more tiny spoiler from The Aussielo Files to tide you over until next time:

Question: When Glee returns in April, will the storylines continue as if no time had elapsed, or will it be four months later? —Jenn
It’s not really specified. But football season is over, so you do the math (and get back to me with the results).

I know what you're thinking. I'm not doing the math either.

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