Guess What Kurt and Blaine Will Be Singing…!

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October 26, 2010

According to a recent spoilers round-up from Watch with Kristin, there isn’t much to say about Puck and Rachel (sorry, Puckleberries!)…but there’s definitely something to say about Kurt (Chris Colfer) and his future boyfriend, Blaine (Darren Criss):

There hasn’t been a lot confirming “yes” or “no” as far as Darren Criss’ upcoming character, Blaine being a possible love interest for Kurt (they’re going to start out as “just friends”). But we’re getting closer, Kurtsies! They. Sing. A. Number. Together. Can’t get much better than that. At least for now. Oh, right…you want to know what the song is. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

Source: E! Online

  • AVPM

    Darren Chris is the mickey to my minnie. The tigger to my winnie….(ginny)

  • AVPM

    He is supermegafoxyawesome hot!


    ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ is my favorite song in the universe. Kurt is my favorite character ever, and I’ve loved Darren ever since I saw him in the Very Potter Musical. So I’m totally freakin’ PSYCHED.
    Now, if only Fox would stop being greedy jerks and unblock their channel…

  • Waggy

    now everyone would know how supermegafoxyawesome hot is darren criss!

  • Ociany

    According to Glee Wiki, Blaine will try to seduce Kurt.