Grant Gustin Snags Regular Role as Sebastian for Season 4?

Grant Gustin Snags Regular Role as Sebastian for Season 4?

Totally makes my day. Does it make yours too?

Grant Gustin's recurring Glee character, Sebastian may not have a lot of votes in the popularity department with the Klaine fans, but even you Klaine fans have gotta admit, he is charming. In a villainous sort of way. Which is why he could be making a comeback next season.

E! Online reported yesterday that Grant might be promoted to a series regular in season 4, although Grant himself has since tweeted this little snippet of an update:

"Thanks for all the congrats but this news is not official as of yet. I would love to be sticking around. I'll be waiting for official word."

So it might not be official yet, but I'd certainly be stoked if Sebastian will be around to stir up more conflict in the Glee future. E! also said that a "little Glee bird" told them (and we know it's not Pavarotti) that Sebastian might not be crushing on Blaine as much as in season 3. Could this mean, *gasp*, that he'll switch over to Kurt...? Or perhaps Sebastian will find another ulterior motive before this season is out. Chris Colfer (Kurt) is campaigning to punch him in the face....

What do you think of this new potential casting tidbit? Are you as thrilled as I am at the prospect of Sebastian coming back? C'mon, you are. You know you are. (But in case you're not, head to the comments and vent, anti-Sebastians!)