Grant Gustin Reveals: Sebastian to Return in "Exciting Way"

Grant Gustin Reveals: Sebastian to Return in "Exciting Way"

We could all kind of see that the villainous Sebastian Smythe ruffled Blaine's old Warbler feathers a little bit in his intro episode, "The First Time".

We know from his actor, Grant Gustin that Sebastian will be coming back around to rustle up some more trouble in episode 8, and we also know that Sebastian will be returning after episode 8 - but what we didn't know for sure was the nature of his return. Now Grant tells us a little bit more on that tidbit:

"There’s definitely a little more tension and drama in episode 8,” he says. “But there’s also a fun set-up for how Sebastian will return in a very exciting way that I will not give away yet.”

What "fun set-up" do you think this could be? Of course Grant's not going to give away anything, but that won't stop us Gleeks from guessing! Head to the comments and share your theories on Sebastian's return post-episode 8.

Source: Entertainment Weekly