Glee's Next Big Guest Star: J-Lo!

Glee's Next Big Guest Star: J-Lo!

Hold on to your hats, Gleeks!  As if last night's Golden Globes victory wasn't enough, we have some spoiler buzz that's sure to knock your socks off ...

J-Lo's coming to Glee!  Yup, that's right.  As a cafeteria worker.

From EOnline's Watch with Kristin blog:

Executive producer Brad Falchuk confirms that Jennifer Lopez is in talks to come on the show this season as a cafeteria worker. "Discussions are ongoing and we haven't gotten into the episode(s) she'd be appearing in," Falchuk [says].

Meanwhile, Glee's adorable Lea Michele also revealed that today's rehearsal is the day they gear up for the heavily-anticipated Madonna episode.

From the same article:

"We have a huge, all-girls Madonna song and dance number that we're doing tomorrow," Lea told me last night. "Bright and early, 6 a.m..."

"I think the fans will not be disappointed in the Madonna episode," said Lea, who brought her mom [to the Golden Globes] as her date. "It's big and it's powerful, and the characters who are interacting together are not the ones you would expect. I feel like with each episode everything keeps escalating to a new level."

Source: Watch with Kristin