Glee's Chris Colfer on Beyonce, Season Two and More

Glee's Chris Colfer on Beyonce, Season Two and More

Hey, spoiler fans!  What song starts playing every time Glee's Chris Colfer walks into a room? You guessed it: "Put a Ring on It!"

Zap2It caught up recently with the adorable actor who plays Kurt Hummel and discusses the song that made him famous, what he's been up to during the hiatus, and more.

From the interview:

Chris was already aware that [Glee has] been picked up for a second season. But the fact that they're doing an upcoming episode with all original songs was news to him. And he didn't really know about the upcoming "reality special" -- during which FOX will find a few fresh-faced kids to add to the cast -- either.
But why should he? The boy is busy... especially now that he and his co-stars are finally back to work, shooting the second half of "Glee" season one.

"We didn't have much down time with touring and Australia and all the press things I went to," says Colfer in the video below. "But the little down time that we did have drove us insane because we're so used to being busy, so [we're] very glad to be back."

Let's go to the video:

Source: Zap2It