Glee to Win Diversity Award

Glee to Win Diversity Award

Guess Sue Sylvester's diversity-driven rants a couple of episodes ago touched a nerve.

Reuters reports that the Glee cast will be honored this month with an award recognizing the show's diverse characters who band together to battle the dramatic ups and downs of high school life.

From the article:

The cast of the quirky Fox TV show "Glee" will be presented with a Hollywood diversity award in November for their portrayal of a group of teen oddballs with a passion for song and dance.

The Diversity Awards committee said on Saturday that the "Glee" cast had won the favorite new diverse ensemble cast award for 2009.

The musical comedy series features an array of students in an uncool high school glee club, including a boy in a wheelchair, a geeky girl, a gay student, an Asian and an overweight African-American girl...

The Diversity Awards are presented annually by the MulticulturalMotion Picture Association to promote story lines, characters and actors of all backgrounds in the Hollywood film and TV industry.

Source: Reuters