Glee Season 4 Spoiler: Whose Secret Will Sue Uncover?

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November 14, 2012

Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) started off this season as a new mom, and now she’s all up in Finn’s (Cory Monteith) face because he’s the (temporary) new leader of New Directions and Sue just so happens to be back to her old glee club-hating ways. That and, he kind of called her baby a retard. Oh, Finn.

But it’s sounding like Sue’s season 4 storyline will expand even beyond hating the glee club and coaching her Cheerios. Soon, Sue will learn a secret, but here’s the thing – it’s not a student’s secret. Who has the secret in question? It’s Marley’s mom.

Bonus Glee Scoop/Riddle: Sue will soon be privy to a secret involving Mrs. Rose (a.k.a. Marley’s mom).

What kind of secret could Marley’s fabulous lunch lady of a mom (hey, she did give Ryder extra meatballs) be keeping? And will Sue go to lengths to expose this secret, or will Sue Sylvester’s softer side be exposed again instead?

Source: TVLine