‘Glee’ Season 3: What To Expect

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May 23, 2011

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If you didn’t already know, Glee was renewed for season 3 long time ago. After soaring to quick popularity within the span of just its first season and now still going strong near the end of season 2, it certainly seems Glee is at its best. And that’s not even including its chart-stopping iTunes and CD sales.Continue reading if you want to learn some spoilers on season 3.

FOX actually sealed the deal on a season 3 of the hit musical dramedy a while back, before season 2 had even started filming. Quite the vote of confidence in the realm of TV. Although considering Glee‘s global success and devoted fanbase, it hasn’t exactly come as much of a surprise. To us Gleeks, at least.

“It’s been a whirlwind year,” says co-creator/executive producer, Ryan Murphy, “from shooting the pilot to performing at the White House to the concert tour that began last week – and yet we all feel like we’ve just begun this amazing musical journey. We think our Gleeks worldwide are going to love what we’ll have in store for them in seasons two and three.”

As if Glee couldn’t get any more impressive, the series spans age groups all the way from teen to parent, also acting as the No. 1 new scripted series among adults 18-49 and averaging 9.4 million viewers.

So what have we heard so far in expectations of season 3?

  • Blaine will follow Kurt to McKinley and audition for New Directions (yes…!).
  • A possible love interest for Mercedes. Once we can find a guy who can keep up with actress Amber Riley, that is.
  • While nothing’s set in stone with this one, the Glee bosses revealed at PaleyFest that they’re kind of thinking about doing an episode where everyone sings their lines of dialogue. Can you say, awesome?

Hit the comments and discuss what you’re most excited to see in season 3! (And maybe debate about what else you’ve heard….)

  • Jadiebabe7

    I would love love love love love Brit and Santana to hurry up and get together. they’re cuties

  • Chocolateandpies

    Go Klaine! Go Finchel!
    Love everything about it. 

  • Squirtwhaley

    I still think there should be a boy band episode… I mean it’d be the perfect episode! It would show what boy bands each character loved growing up and of course the BSB vs NSYNC war would have to be included

  • Tompole

    –Mercedes is going with Sam– If you didn’t already know, although if you’ve been keeping up to speed with season 2, then you’d know they get together in the “New York City” episode :)

  • 12345678910

    I’m really liking the idea of the cast singing there dialogue,, it would be really interesting to see ( lo0l ). Also I’m really glad that Sam and Mercedes are together and cant wait to see more of that story line -hope there us going to be a lot more drama :)) xxx

  • AnnaM

    Technically,  it’s not Jonathan Groff that’s a dick, it’s Jesse. Just had to point that out. I love Jonathan, not to keen on Jesse, though…

  • Celine

    I would love to se it work between Finn ann Quinn. Rachel could be with Jessie, they are very much alike. In the begingen I didn’t like Mike and Tina together, but I do now, because I think that Arti and Brittney are so cute together. Find someone new for Puck. Sam and Mercedes could be fun watching. And I actually want more of Will and Holly. Will can end up with Emma, but him and Holly are kinda sexy:)
    As of song I want hear in season 3 are some country, like Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley. And more rocksong mashups:) I’m all for a Grease episode. Howerver thay have to to something great for the halloween special, because Rocky Horror was one of the best:)

  • glee2adele

    so it would be like if rachel says “hello, my name is rachel” she would have to sing it???? COOL!

  • Hellow

    When is season 3 on TV ?

  • Gemmalcaffrey

    i am so looking forward to see kurt and blaine together

  • Songuic

    no way
    finn and rachel totally belong together
    they’re the perfect couple!

  • Stephen

    I think Finn and Rachel should stay together and Brittany and Artie stay together. Jessie is an ass and I don’t like him. But I think they should do nightmare before Christmas!!! That would be awesome!!!

  • Stephen

    Also, I think they should do a whole P!NK episode. She has some awesome songs and she is all about being yourself and not putting up with anyone! I know they did two songs but pink has attitude and it is awesome!

  • Mackyk123

    Ok so what about having brittany talk more she is the best charachter dont you think it would b funny what she sang if it was a full on singing episode !! Just think about that ?

  • Emz

    i hope that Charice (Sunshine Corazon) must be put in New Directions., that would be cool.,

  • Wendypan2011

    That would be so awesome!

  • Wendypan2011

    ughhh I would so hate that! It would be so boring.. Come on, Glee season1 was wayyyy better than Glee season2 Finn and rachel are soo predictable

  • Elanormaeve

    if the singing dialougue thing happened, it would make it super corny, be4 it at least had some reality. eaven if they just randomly started singing in corridors and in the street

  • Elanormaeve

    if the singing dialougue thing happened, it would make it super corny, be4 it at least had some reality. eaven if they just randomly started singing in corridors and in the street

  • Raquel

    I’m excited for the one episode with singing dialogue–if they do it that is :D Maaaan Other Asian’s ‘amazing’ singing voice will be the best part. Hands down. haha

  • guest

    puckleberry please

  • SamiMarianna

    I’m just freakin’ pumped for Darren Criss to be in New Directions! :D I love him and he is the only reason I started watching Glee <3

  • mariaki61

    I am so excited for Blaine to finally join the New Directions!!!:) I totally ship Klaine, so…
    And I’d also like Jesse St.James/Jonathan Groff to come back as a show regular! That’d be awesome! And also, even though I like Artie and Brittany as a couple, it would be amazing if we could see Brittana happening in season 3!!:D:D:D

  • Vampirelover

    the all singing episode might be interesting to see hahaha!!!!

  • Agnes Engberg

    They should do The National, Bon Iver or Beach House.. Oh that will never happen D: 
    To the couples, Finchel = boring, Quinn is a mean bitch who should be left alone, she could possibly match up with Jesse. Rachel should find someone new, and Santana should also find someone new. Think that is about it!

  • Abidagleek

    that wouldnt make sence! For one Mike and Lauren are characters that cant sing…..it would just be wrong


    exept that Lauren Zisese and mike chang CANT SING



  • Abby Sonnier


  • Abby Sonnier

    BUT glee is best….i like how it is not all singing and that most of it is not reandom

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emily-Pultz-Cramer/1136315890 Emily Pultz-Cramer

    I’m glad to hear Blaine’s (Darren Criss) going to the William McKinley High ‘New Directions’. But what will the Dalton Academy ‘Warblers’ think? I’m sure Kurt (Chris Colfer) is pretty excited! But what will the William McKinley High ‘New Directions’ think of Blaine’s (Darren Criss) new arrival?

  • ilovegleexxxmy

    i’m curiousss

  • JEnWillEatYou

    will JONATHAN GROFF come back in Season 3??i hope cuz i love him!

  • JEnWillEatYou

    will JONATHAN GROFF come back in Season 3??i hope cuz i love him!

  • gleek123

    Why I like the idea of them singin I kind of find it strange and I think it wouldn’t really fit for the difference in singing the dialogue and then going into a song, I hink it would just sound the same, unlike where they would speak normally and then just suddenly burst into a much higher voice for the tempo of the song. I like it but I think it would get a bit weird and annoying. Perhaps one or two episodes to give it that singing dialogue difference.

  • francis

     wow . totally awesome .. been downloading every episode since GLEE begun . im a total GLEEK .. 

     love glee


    anything with Rachel and Finn???? Are they going to be together their Senior Year??? <3333

  • Ervin Martin

    will charice be there also??

  • stevie

    if you did not watch season 2 lisen to this kirt and blaine kissed

  • Stevie

    meeeeeeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeee glllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeee

  • Girface3000

    wow! i hope so they seem like a cute couple

  • GirFace3000

    Rachel should be with Sam they are so very sweet

  • Mrs. Hudson :)

    I think I won’t be able to wait until it starts in Spain, I bet I’m gonna watch it secretly when it starts in US :)
    Any idea of when it will start?

  • Dee

    YAY! KLAINE! <3

  • Lorenllk123

    What about Finchel??

  • Noelle

    I WANT JESSE ST. JAMES. Rachel needs some love interest conflicts. And as Jesse was so interested in her last season, and even though she has Finn, and Finn is so sweet, I still believe that Jesse St. Freaking James should be brought back on Glee. He is an added personality that the show needs.

  • Noelle

    I agree with your summary of Quinn, but Jesse is much too good for her.

  • Lil_koori_hottie

    i dont like that sams leaving though

  • Lil_koori_hottie

    i dont like that sams leaving though

  • Nadia_valdentime385

    i can’t wait for season 3 to start omg aaaah excited :):):) an episode with all singing???? pumped :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Davik3 Kylliams Kitkat Ayala

    Omg I love glee but the info. is very little although I already imagine what is going to happen but i wanted to certifiy it :(

  • Marazlatista

    OMG PERECT they’re both absolutley stupid and there’s nothing likeable about them if they get together they can just go be happy  and stop appearing in the series at all XD

  • Marazlatista

    Rachel and Jessie should just go and die together

  • Marazlatista

    noo Puck is too cool 4 rachel

  • Marazlatista

    omg stop saying her name it hurts my ears

  • Marazlatista

    umm i think they have one more year

  • Marazlatista

    Rachel should just go and jump off a cliff i really hope they do something with that UNBEARABLE personality of hers.

  • Isobeldonnery

    I LOVE GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I saw GLEE in concert they were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Begum

    New Directions loves Blaine :)) Because they have respect for everyone 

  • Livia

     Omg! :) I want Blaine to be in New Directions!!! :D
    & I wonder how Sam and Mercedes’ relationship’s going to go ;P
    And.. I’m wondering about Santana and Brit :)

  • Jade

    it would be sooooo kl if they had that singing dialogue thing, hope all of these are true, especially the one with blaine auditioning for new directions xxxx (Klaine 4ever)

  • Jade

    it would be sooooo kl if they had that singing dialogue thing, hope all of these are true, especially the one with blaine auditioning for new directions xxxx (Klaine 4ever)

  • Ryne_zen

    what’s new for mike and tina???? this coming season 3?

  • Luvsaliormoon

    Sam and Quinn again

  • xMyDearMotherWarx

    I love the idea of Blaine joining the New Directions and he and Kurt make the cutest couple! One thing I would like to see is an episode devoted to rock, but not older classic-rock type music; they should try some Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars, Green Day, etc. Maybe even more underground alternative like Billy Talent or Black Veil Brides! Another thing I would like to see in the third season is a more varied storyline. I know that many things have happened, but they mostly seem to revolve around Finn and Rachel. Just some suggestions, and I can’t wait!  

  • Skull_and_bones97

    Oh! And I really hope Santana and Britney end up together, because, in an odd way, they are really perfect for each other! 

  • Gleek

    Quinn and Sam! Quinn to have a Bestmate preferably kurt NOT RACHAEL!!!! Quinn to be head of the cheerios Again with Santana and Brittany as her Co-Captains!
    I think it would be really great if all the girls had a sleepover and kurt to come for the evening because it was funny when him,mercedes and rachael had one i think he’s BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Santana and Brittany NEED to get TOGHETHER and not to matter what people think!
    Sue needs to run the glee club for atleast 2 weeks she is halirious her jokes to mr schue! hhahahahahahhahahaha
    the signing for a whole episode sounds AMAZING i hope they do that!!!!!!

  • GLEEK4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Xxciarawattxx

    i want shelby to come back and for quinn and puck to see beth 

  • iCynth04@yahoo.com

    After season 3 Kurt,Finn,and Rachel will be gone cause there seniors and everyone is SAD? and Sam might go to vocal adrenaline cause he meets a girl named Amanda.???and finn and rachels kicks up?

  • GLEEK4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree with you for quinn and puck to see beth! bye

  • Heather-jones2011

    what about Rachel and Finn are they going to be together in season 3 of glee

  • Rhyme_0830

    Can’t wait for SEASON 3!!!!!!!! ^_^

  • D_angel

    OMG!!! yes yes yes! I am so happy that Blaine is gonna follow Kurt YAY! to the hell!!! woo hoo :D 

  • Moody

    Can’t wait to see more about kurt and blaine ^^ i am SO exited !!!!!! xD 

  • Warblersfan

    Why does Blaine come to new directions?! I still wanna see the catchy acapella songs by warblers!!! :(

  • xOxSpArKgAlXoX

    OMGLEE if they did an ep when everyone sang their lines and then someone said something sarcastic!! SINGING+SARCASM=YESSSSS!!!

  • Vnr1998

    Artie and Tina need to be 2gether they r perfect :) 4get mike and brittney

  • Abc123justlogon

    Sam’ll not be in season 3 its a fact ;((((