‘Glee’ Season 3: What To Expect

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May 23, 2011

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If you didn’t already know, Glee was renewed for season 3 long time ago. After soaring to quick popularity within the span of just its first season and now still going strong near the end of season 2, it certainly seems Glee is at its best. And that’s not even including its chart-stopping iTunes and CD sales.Continue reading if you want to learn some spoilers on season 3.

FOX actually sealed the deal on a season 3 of the hit musical dramedy a while back, before season 2 had even started filming. Quite the vote of confidence in the realm of TV. Although considering Glee‘s global success and devoted fanbase, it hasn’t exactly come as much of a surprise. To us Gleeks, at least.

“It’s been a whirlwind year,” says co-creator/executive producer, Ryan Murphy, “from shooting the pilot to performing at the White House to the concert tour that began last week – and yet we all feel like we’ve just begun this amazing musical journey. We think our Gleeks worldwide are going to love what we’ll have in store for them in seasons two and three.”

As if Glee couldn’t get any more impressive, the series spans age groups all the way from teen to parent, also acting as the No. 1 new scripted series among adults 18-49 and averaging 9.4 million viewers.

So what have we heard so far in expectations of season 3?

  • Blaine will follow Kurt to McKinley and audition for New Directions (yes…!).
  • A possible love interest for Mercedes. Once we can find a guy who can keep up with actress Amber Riley, that is.
  • While nothing’s set in stone with this one, the Glee bosses revealed at PaleyFest that they’re kind of thinking about doing an episode where everyone sings their lines of dialogue. Can you say, awesome?

Hit the comments and discuss what you’re most excited to see in season 3! (And maybe debate about what else you’ve heard….)


    where i can see season 3??

  • Paigee_radbruch

    it would be really nice to see kurt and blaine’s relationship to continue!!!

  • Beacorkhill

    Glee is an amazing show, and Lea Michele, Mark Sailing, Diana Argon, Amber Riley, etc have followed their lines, and made the show great but it’s not that any other person could do the role as well them, it’s because their true glee characters. This may sound stupid but it’s the truth, and i want to be them and i know you do to, but we are all special just like them. Thanks.

  • Richmond

    pls not all singing i tried to here that but the tones are awkward not good

  • Glee

    I want Finchel… actually i like all the current pairings (especially mercedes and sam!!! i think Santana needs to meet someone new…

    they NEEEED to do Sweeney Todd… and Emma and Will obviously…

  • NicoleXxxxxxxX

    i think jesse should come back and the glee members find out about sam and mercedes and that would be a wow

  • Mrs.CrissAKAharrypotter<3

    all i want is finchel together all season and for quinn and puck to be back together!!! we all know they love eachother; those were, after all, the LAST words they spoke to eachother :’( QUICK FTW!!!! and finchel, but thats a given :)

  • jn3000

    never again?:(
    Why? Is that certain?

  • Tiffanywongyy

    Sad to imagine the absence of The Warblers!! I do love Blaine, though… :P

  • Christydavis72

    I would love to see Emma sing more songs in this season.

  • Elsaharris67

    you are totally right! Emma is great and so adorable as a singer.

  • justine.snuff

    anyone now WHEN season 3 is coming out???

  • Siti Nur’ Diyana

    Glee season 3… i can wait to watch the new season. Most importantly, finchel! i am a fan of finchel. i was sad when they broke up but now that they are together.. the whole season is going to be GREAT! :SPOILER: mercedes is dating sam in the 3rd season! peace 

  • CSM

    they should have tom cruise in an episode it would be funny and cool

  • Awesomesauce

    HES MY FAVE :3

  • Connorphillips1997

    I am looking forward to season 3 because i am a huge fans of glee and finchel who also i am looking forward to see in season 3 but most of all i have a felling that then rachel leaves to go to new york finn goes with her

    Hurry up Glee Season 3 I CANT WAIT
    GO FINCHEL!!!!!!!!

  • Hannahsmith034

    i so would not have forgiven him for what he did to rachel

  • nick

    sam and quinn get back together

  • Angel(>’.'<)

    Couples list:
    Rachel and Jessie
    Quinn and Puck
    Artie and Britney
    Finn and Santana
    Tina and Mick
    Sam and Mercedes
    Kurt has Blaine already(great match)
    Will and Emma(teachers)
    Lastly Lauren and curly haired dude(>’.'<)
    Lastly Lauren should go with the weird curly haired guy.

  • Angel(>’.'<)

    Soz mistake last line went wrong

  • Alamtawwa@yahoo.com

    what about when fox says that the season 3 will be only singing a song from one person ? and the posibilities of one of the character migth die in this season finale,,

  • lili

    I LOVE GLEE!!!!!!!

  • LillyLinderman

    I just want a to know, definitely, whether or not Blane will follow Kurt to McKinley…   

  • Harry

    Jonathan Groff was a really big dick I mean first of al he is going out with Rachel and the dumps her on her ass and leaves her with no hope and then he throws eggs at her and then comes walking back into her life and called Finn a zombie that has to poop

  • Morto1234

    I’m sorry but why is no one talking about the on and off again story line between Santana and Brittany? They can’t start it and just stop following it in season 3!!!!! Bring on a decent story line between the two of them!

  • ally

    I think they’re perfect for eachother. lmao. he’s a douche, and she’s a bitch.

  • ally

    that’s old

  • ally

    ewwww, booooo jesse

  • guest

    bleehhhhh, quinn is evil. she deserves to be alone. but I like puck and rachel

  • http://twitter.com/stachitus Allyson Stachitus


  • Asmeadevilfairy

    i think quinn should meet beth again you know like have it be an accident like see them at a minimart or something and have her call puck so they can all be together one last time and have the end scene in the episode be rachels mom tell quinn it be best for them not to stay in touch and have quinn cry a little and puck take beths picture off his wallpaper and delete it

  • gleek!!!!!

    singing the dialogue will be amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

     yeah. Hope it’s not going to be too long before it comes out! ;P

  • Hollyloveday2

    Whooooooooo!! Blaine’s coming Mckinley!!!!!! (Vitory dance!!!!)

  • Acakei8

    (1)An all musical episode is a great idea, but please make it funny and fantastical. Please find a way to impart some hilarious one liners even in the music. (2)Jesse’s character is no longer a top choice for me. I don’t enjoy his detached side. But I loved the suspicions and plotting surprises surrounding him. Groff is a wonderful performer, but to accept him as a season 3 regular would require some character changes. I guess it could roll with him as an obsessed stalker of Rachel, maybe territory battles with Finn, and somehow expand on his interference with next year’s nationals.  (3)Heather “Brit.S.Pierce” is an AMAZING dancer! I noticed her talent just after the first couple episodes from season 1. She and Shum, Jr. definitely need to be continuely showcased. Especially since Heather can sing and Shum, Jr. is just fun to watch. I know the added dynamic of Shum, Jr. not singing allows for more of his dancing to expose him, but I can’t help but want him to actually sing or rap…something. Allow him more lines? (4)I’m concerned with season 3′s ending. This is senior year and I know the drama is going to be indulged, but how is Glee going to continue after graduation? I am the most excited to see that step. I would like to see them followed into college, personally. A mix of college choir and Broadway, even just plain acting opportunities. Yep-I’m excited! In my opinion, a college route would be a great place to bring Jesse back in. He could be pursuing Broadway along with Rachel and allow more feuding between Finn and Jesse. Their ugly confrontations are usually quite hysterical-even when not connected to Rachel. It’s amazing how talented each and everyone in Glee truly is. I personally could watch them all grow up beyond Glee. Bringing musicals back is a dream come true. I love how it’s progressed, allowing modern interest, but also reflecting on past heart stoppers! Perhaps another idea to entertain would be bringing in a touch of noir. I also support just a tad more country and definitely more doo-wop! I loved the warblers. Blaine is so sultry!! I wanna hear more rat pack! Some tribute to the military, perhaps Sam Evans could be considering the military option after high school. Shum, Jr. and Brit could swing some Fred and Ginger!! I’ll conclude with….EVERLONG!!!

  • Lisa-Marie Hearn

    i dont want finn and rachel to spilt up i want them to stay together and i want them to go o the next level :) and i want quinn to leave them alone and want her to go out wif someone else like sam again

    thank you :)
    and i am a big glee fan great show x x

  • Maddisonn


  • Rickky_emo

    know where I can find the third season of the vampire diaries please zicetimi and me because I find great series and I want to see what happens next

  • Sive


  • Kt1998

    Sam and Mercedes better happen

  • Zac607

    I thought Rachel is going to Broadway and leave Glee. It’d be interesting to see how they manage to pass the contests without Rachel. And I want Rachel and Finn to split up, I don’t like them together, Finn belongs to Quinn and Rach is to Jessie :D

  • Poop_face

    Yes but with the scrubs episode, there were songs dotted around the episode, like a normal episode of Glee. An episode with ALL singing means one  with NO talking, that wasnt done by scrubs…

  • Bon

    Jessie is a massive douche bag.
    Even if he does “love” rachel – he is still a wanker.

  • #1gleek/Chordlover

    I’m super excited for season 3 and I want Sam and Quinn to date again!

  • Rebecca

    I agree. I want Jonathan Groff to come back because he is amazing but I don’t want Jesse. Maybe Jesse’s nicer twin brother?

  • Lilypoop

    It would be pretty kool if in glee they did like kinder like gangster songs and the song perfect to by auburn with a couple from glee singing 

  • ilovegleeandjustinbieber

    i love glee so i can’t wait it’s going to be awesome

  • gleefan

    dave kurtofsky’s crush on kurt would be develop

  • IndyKidd

    Mercedes starts going out with Sam

  • Katy2410

    in Britain glee season three will only be shown on sky 1 and not on e4 so any one that doesn’t have sky T.V. (like me) will have to watch it online or something

  • stun


  • Xxlisa Xx

    Its like when scrubs did the musical episode! Ahh can’t wait and btw Mercedes and Sam <3

  • Molliejones62

    The new guy for mesades is SAM !!!! YAY      and Rachel+Finn <3 back 2gether yay yay there so good 4 each other xxxx yay yay 

  • Molliejones62

    no i thought jesse and rachel wer perfect 4 each other  but rachel and finn are great 2 gether i love them 2 together xxxxx yay yay

  • Bran

    In relation to Mercedes’ love interest, it was revealed in the final episode of S2 that her and Sam were secretly going out.

  • Jencamy

     I want Santana~
    of coure with Brittany. LOVE IT?

  • Izza

    i thought in the season 2 finale sam is going out with mercedes? 

  • guest

    I would love to see Justin Timberlake scripted in as Mr Schus brother…. he looks like Matthew Morrison and is an awesome singer/actor….Imagine the possibilities!!!  

  • Chin0

    Sing their dialogues? Easter is over! OMG

  • Scoutiepie6

    blaine’s going to join the new directions?????!!!!!! OH MY GOD thats soooo freakin’ awesome! i CAN’T wait

  • gleek

    i don’t want jesse back yuk
    finn <3 rachel

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531470214 Tara Leanne Dove

    i just want pucjk to sing more, hush finn and artie

  • Squibnocketsal@hotmail.co.uk

    It would be interesting to have all the episode wit the singing  reveal everyones feelings I think Sam Evans stay glee club forever

  • Sally hill

    this is Sally hill photo

  • frya

    I want Samcedes! And more Klaine in season 3

  • Lalehmmmas

    love seeing Kurt and Blaine together :)
    can’t wait till season 3 

  • Lastmincomment

    Mercedes does have a love interest. SAM! They show it on the last episode of Season 2

  • Lientje-94


  • Candypop13

    I liked him a little. But only a little because he adds something nobody else does. But I think it would be just as good how it is, to be honest!

  • Candypop13

    I liked him a little. But only a little because he adds something nobody else does. But I think it would be just as good how it is, to be honest!

  • Shasunny

    samething bad happens to Rachel, like she gets an illness or anouther teen pregnant

  • Wendypan2011

    Oh my god, You Finchel fans are the most annoying people ever. I’m sorry, I promised myself I wouldn’t stoop to this level but it’s just impossible with you people! One person says a tiny little thing about how Rachel is better off with Jesse ( they have way more chemistry and he apologized, even if I admit she forgave him too quickly ) and at least 10 Finchel fans comment, “Ewwww! Noooo! Finchel forever!” I think that alot explains how much Finchel stinks… They don’t have any connections! I really tried too like them but I just can’t! Finn makes Rachel so much more annoying as a character when he’s with her. And Finn  DID hit rachel with eggs ;*) Remember in the pilot? Finn  and Rachel were talking and Finn  said,” I don’t want to be that guy throwing eggs at people,” and then Rachel said, “That was you :0?” :D I think I’ve made my point and I don’t care if noone agrees with it. ( even though I know there are millions of St. Berry fanatics out there like me <3 )

    ~ Ginie

  • Kambriaroffey

    I like it if there was more acting in it and getting more people to join glee club and for Quinn to be in it more  

  • Kimberly096

    Blaine and Kurt?! YAAAYYY!!!! They’re my favorite!! They are the cutest couple ever!! I looooovvvveee them!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1781024361 Xin Sen

    a episode with all singing will be really fun:D

  • Gleek!! :D

    I think it would absolutely amazing if Sam and Quinn (FABREVANS! :D) get back together and she could sing “Back to December” by Taylor Swift.That would fit perfectly because they were together in Christmas time. They were like the perfect couple, Quinn seemed truly happy when they were together.

    I think its TOTALLY AWESOME how Blaine will going to McKinley now! I’m happy that Kurt finally has somebody.

  • Pritta angela

    and in season 3, all glee casts will graduate high school, and.. i’m hoping that there will be season 4. blaine to mckinley..GREAT :)

  • Beck

    I’ve stopped watching Glee as I’m completely tired of it & season two was just ridiculously boring!
    I’ll only watch an episode if Neil Patrick Harris stars in it, ciao.

  • st. berry

    but jesse said something about work as a consultant of choirs, so maybe it can be a new story about him???

  • Colton13jess

    Hopefully Glee Season 3 will go on for a while (seem like it, anyway) I don’t want it to end!! :(