‘Glee’ Season 3: What To Expect

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May 23, 2011

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If you didn’t already know, Glee was renewed for season 3 long time ago. After soaring to quick popularity within the span of just its first season and now still going strong near the end of season 2, it certainly seems Glee is at its best. And that’s not even including its chart-stopping iTunes and CD sales.Continue reading if you want to learn some spoilers on season 3.

FOX actually sealed the deal on a season 3 of the hit musical dramedy a while back, before season 2 had even started filming. Quite the vote of confidence in the realm of TV. Although considering Glee‘s global success and devoted fanbase, it hasn’t exactly come as much of a surprise. To us Gleeks, at least.

“It’s been a whirlwind year,” says co-creator/executive producer, Ryan Murphy, “from shooting the pilot to performing at the White House to the concert tour that began last week – and yet we all feel like we’ve just begun this amazing musical journey. We think our Gleeks worldwide are going to love what we’ll have in store for them in seasons two and three.”

As if Glee couldn’t get any more impressive, the series spans age groups all the way from teen to parent, also acting as the No. 1 new scripted series among adults 18-49 and averaging 9.4 million viewers.

So what have we heard so far in expectations of season 3?

  • Blaine will follow Kurt to McKinley and audition for New Directions (yes…!).
  • A possible love interest for Mercedes. Once we can find a guy who can keep up with actress Amber Riley, that is.
  • While nothing’s set in stone with this one, the Glee bosses revealed at PaleyFest that they’re kind of thinking about doing an episode where everyone sings their lines of dialogue. Can you say, awesome?

Hit the comments and discuss what you’re most excited to see in season 3! (And maybe debate about what else you’ve heard….)

  • Ablly

    what about chord overstreet??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Undercover_angel_2


  • PUCK

    my girlfriend can sing…

  • TINA

    mike is great at singing! our duet was amaaazing

  • kinkykat

    I loveeee glee. Didnt watch the 1st seaon on tv got hooked when I started watchin the 2nd. Cant wait for the 3rd to come back on tv in the uk.
    I heared that theres gonna be a few characters the may leave or wont be as big as they were in the 1st two season (think brit’s gonna be 1) also new character comin in (wish it was me)
    I love love love puc, wish I was lauren :(

  • kinkykat

    Oh also think they should do one eposide where they are all playing each other . Like they are in ewach others body so it looks like puckerman but sounds like. Kurt and has kurts body moviements and stuff lol could be called sumthing like ‘how do you feel?’ and they preform songs like :
    Adele:some1 like u
    Nickelback: somebody
    Michael jackson: the way you make me feel


  • Applebees

    I heard that the winner of glee project will play sue sylvesters enemy as a student at the high school!

  • Mj

    they should so make a harry potter episode…. especially seeing it means so much to 
    Darren Criss

  • Michaeltaylor

    love the scrubs musical it was pure genius. 

  • noelia

    NO MORE KLAINE!!!!!!!!!!! please!!

  • awkberg

    wht not tho
    you seem mad

  • Murphy

    Chord Overstreet (sam) isn’t coming back guys. so no samcedes. At the Glee San Diego Comic Con panel they confirmed it. Also they said klaine will be solid, and so will finchel. but then again last summer they said finchel wasnt going to break up in season two and they did so… dont rely on summer spoilers, many things change.

  • S Asikhia

    i luv glee

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000101216687 Riya Garg

    chord overstreeet decided not to come back. uggghh :’(

  • lisa

    I hope that finna dn rachel will stay together they are good for each other :) and more singing :)

  • Nanabcb

    God i love the santana/brittany pairing i just hope santana becomes more open in the next season

  • Rebecca_kopp

    can’t wait for season 3!!

  • Jessicah02

    i thought at the very end of the season 2 finale tht mercedes and sam where going out because they holded hands?

  • Dwfhjghwejhgejhgje

    this is an amazing idea i dont care what you guys think about it not being unexpected ,its a genius idea through the whole episode absolutely no talking even though they already sing it would just be a great idea! 

  • Vhfgdhgdshgs

    awww but i love klaine it just goes to show that anyone can find love :)

  • Arisaaleee

    omg that will be sooooo funny!

  • Melody

    I am with Cory Monteith

  • Guest

    I Can’t wait to see Mercedes new LOVE!! <3


    I Think that a WHOLE episode just singing would be weird and a BAD idea!! SCRATCH THAT IDEA!!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you guys remember the last episode? Mercedes and Sam were holding hands!!! :)

  • Gaby

    BLAINE IS COMING TO MCKINLEY! YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES! I’ve never been more excited for an episoe of Glee in my life. Well maybe the one were Blaine tells Kurt he loves him, but that was also Nationals episode! AHHHHHHHHH

  • juju

      I think they are talking about singing their feelings. Like original songs for a whole episode.

  • Makbmak

    Ewwww insest….

  • Makbmak

    Ewwwww insest…….

  • Nina_jf

    when does season 3 begin?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002626447767 Esther Buckner

    I LOVE GLEE!!! <—–Gleek :)

  • Sarai_92

    Well, I know for sure its gonna be great & with damian, sam, linsday and alez in it it will get even better !

  • Wemma<34ever

    i just want wemma back :-(

  • Wemma<34ever

    terri and carl should at least go out briefly

  • Elziebrigden

    i think that glee season 3 should maybe be all about them trying to get into there dream collages and building up more muture relationships for eachother  (GO FINCHEL!)

  • charleymarriott

    when scrubs did the singing dialouge it was amazing and i’m sure glee will do it even better !

  • Imagleek

    I seriously just want see season three, but I don’t want anymore secrets about what Quinns baby is like. I want to know if Quinn and Puck get to see her again.

  • Nobody

    when does it air?????????

  • Shandabest1999

    i <3 glee cant wait till season 3 apparently rachel ends up with puck 

  • Apps97

    I’m most excited abt Quinn and Puck!!!

  • helen-.-

    Blaine at McKinley! Yess :D

  • Taytay118118

    i want a whole episode with blaine and kurt!!!!!!!1

  • Taytay118118

    i absolutley agree!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taytay118118

    me too!!!

  • Lozzercuthbert

    BLAINE & KURT!!!!! :)

  • Kate ambersonn

    Spoilers- 1. Glee projects Damian mginty is going to arrive in the fourth episode. His role is the Irish exchange student and is going too. Be staying with brittany pierce-that means were gonna meet brittanys mum. Damians glee name is Rory and he sings a song in glee Samul larson (former the glee project contender) will appear latter on in the season about. Episode 9. He is going to be the religious dude. There thinking of maybe him and quin getting together at biblel camp.

  • Brunette_bimbo_luvs_u

    I just love the way Blaine and Kurt are together

  • Tam E T

    does anyone know if Jessie St. James comes back in season 3? cuz I really want to know, he’s soooo cute

  • TamT

    is jesse st james coming back to glee season 3? if so dose rachel and him get back together? answer as quickly as posible please

  • Brooke

    It would be good if Jesse st.James came back and tried to ger Rachel back and Finn gets really jealous….That wud be AMAZING!!x

  • Jaderosslynanderson

    Why cant glee season 3 be on freeview

  • lindseyy

    please have sam and quinn get togehter again <333333

  • Megandoyle2000

     I LUV GLEE (Y)

  • Sasisarahmac

    Two words: TAYLOR SWIFT! c’mon Glee, it’s about time you did a Swiftie ;)

  • Reinavioleta

    i have glee wii game

  • Biankis921

    When does season 3 end?

  • Lost-Babsen

    If more glee comming tip for a guest star Michael Buble :-)

  • guest

    beginning of season 3, rachel and finn are together. Puck and lauren broke up, dunno why. Quinn is a TOTALLY different person. Pink hair, tats. blahh. And Sam moved, mercedes gets a different guy, but later on he comes back, and i think they get back together. The irish dude stays with britt and he tries gto get with her, with no avail. will and emma are together, and i think he proposes to her! this is all i really know. the rest of season  3 starts soon though !!!!

  • cupcakegoddess

    when is season three coming out on netflix?