Glee Season 3 Updates: New Characters, a New Graduate

Glee Season 3 Updates: New Characters, a New Graduate

In case you hadn't heard, McKinley High's motto for season 3 is "out with the old, in with the new" as some of our favorite glee clubbers will be graduating seniors this new Glee school year. And now we have another fave Glee character to add to the list of graduates: Santana (Naya Rivera).

"I'm a senior. I guess that means I'm graduating. That's what happens when you're a senior! I don't think it's a thing," Naya Rivera aka Santana Lopez told us at last night's TCA party in Malibu. "It's like, what is it when you're in high school? You're a senior, you graduate. Yes, I'm graduating this year."'s like senior year all over again. But, looks like we'll be getting some new characters that will also be roaming the McKinley halls this season (a couple of mean girls in there, uh-oh!):

  • Sugar - She's got two things that'll surely get you places in the high school world: self-confidence and money, or at least maybe a different kind of currency that gets you places (a.k.a popularity). This girl sounds like an interesting mix of Rachel and Quinn, except for one teeny-tiny difference...she can't sing. Make that a hybrid of Rachel, Quinn, and Mike Chang.
  • Sheila - who's described as a "modern-day Joan Jett" with her own "pack of Blackhearts". Anyone else been following The Glee Project? Kind of reminds me of Sam's vision of his potential band character he talked about in an online interview. Although I'm picturing something not quite so nice, more like a band of meanies stalking our glee clubbers with slushies *shudders*.
  • Bubba - Okay, so it's not as easy to roll off the tongue as Finn or Sam, but look on the bright side, it's easier to spell than Karofsky. This guy will have something in common with Dave Karofsky though. He'll be on the football team, a "gigantosaur" of a linebacker to be exact. And that's not all, apparently he'll start off the season as Mercedes' new BF (huh??), since they got together over the summer. If Chord Overstreet's not being written off the show completely, whatever happened to Sam?
  • Nancy Bletheim - Not a high schooler, but she will be part of the geometry teacher. And she's not really a fan of the arts, so probably not the glee club either (another recruit for Sue's Legion of Doom? Wait, is it "league" or "legion"...).

How do you guys think Brittany will take Santana graduating (since, you know, she'll obviously be staying). And what are your thoughts on the new characters? Hit the comments!

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