Glee Season 3 Spoilers: New Untold Storyline for Kurt and Blaine

Glee Season 3 Spoilers: New Untold Storyline for Kurt and Blaine

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At the 2011 Emmys, Michael Ausiello of TV Line got to chat up Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) and get a little season 3 snippet regarding Kurt and Blaine's much-talked-about relationship this season:

"We do have a storyline coming up that I'm really excited about because it's a storyline that never gets told, from a point of view that never gets told. And that makes me just love the relationship, and love Kurt-and-Blaine even more."

There he goes again, being all secretive and undercover-like. We know how you really are, Chris. Even if it is somewhat vague, at least we do have an "untold" storyline to look forward to - and knowing Glee and untold storylines, should be good.

Speaking of vague...Michael Ausiello also chatted up Kevin McHale (Artie) at the Emmys and snagged a spoiler or two. You can find that, and more Glee season 3 spoilers, right here:

  • There's a big "musical number-slash-scene" coming up in...episode 3, Kevin McHale believes (but don't quote him on that)...and he didn't even get to be a part of it! But he promises us it is "brilliant".
  • Kevin also tells us that Amber Riley will have some cool stuff coming up for Mercedes' character. And Artie will be helping to put on the school play with Coach Beiste (Dot Marie Jones) and Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays) - which you might already have learned from our season 3, episode 3 guide (jeez Kevin, can't even give us new spoilers).
  • Vanessa Lengies' new character, Sugar will be planning some sweet (or maybe not so sweet) revenge on Will Schuester. She's also set to appear in episode 4 in a scene with Idina Menzel (sound familiar, Gleeky Twitterers?).
  • Coach Beiste breaks her foot!! Well actually, actress Dot Marie Jones broke her foot and Ryan and co. worked it into the script for episode 3, "Asian F".
  • In an October episode, Kurt bumps into Karofsky at a, wait for bar! Can you say, awkward?
  • With Idina Menzel back as Shelby Corcoran, everybody's wondering if she'll have a run-in with Quinn and how it will affect Glee's previously pregnant popular. There are hints out there that Quinn might be rethinking the whole I-gave-my-baby-away-to-Rachel's-mom situation.
  • Looks like Tina will be getting a bout of senioritis a year in advance. She may be a junior, but she's definitely feeling the pressure since she'll have to meet Mike's parents this season (in episode 3, "Asian F"). Let's just say they aren't exactly feeling the love as much as their son.
  • I'm with you guys when you say you're confused as to whether Blaine is a junior or a senior. Everybody's guessing senior, but I'm thinking we all really have no idea for sure (ha).
  • Now that Will and Emma are finally together, I think Jayma Mays might be more nervous than even Emma as far as losing her Glee virginity goes: "Can we just CGI me into that scene? I'm so nervous, oh gosh!"

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