Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Details on Sam's Storyline to Win Back Mercedes

Glee Season 3 Spoilers: Details on Sam's Storyline to Win Back Mercedes

In next week's new Glee, "Hold on to 16", we'll see Chord Overstreet return as Sam Evans (I love how this is more talked-about than Sectionals), and in episode 10, Sam's plan to "woo" Mercedes will be fully underway:

Indeed, Trouty Mouth will get in touch with his spirit animal when he joins the McKinley Synchronized Swim Team — in an effort to win back Mercedes! — according to a show insider.

If this poor kid was harassed for being in glee club, getting involved in synchronized swim will surely spell a slushee death sentence for him. But it's all good because this little nugget of a plot line will bring in some new, and possibly recurring, characters (this episode also includes the big debut of Glee Project co-winner, Sam Larsen):

* Coach Roz Washington, for which the show is seeking a well-known comedic character actress in her 30s or 40s. (Might we suggest Wanda Sykes, or perhaps her former New Adventures of Old Christine costar Alex Kapp Horner?)

* Synchronized Swim Team members Webber, Charles, and Vinny, who are respectively described as “a nerdy looking girl” of any ethnicity, “a handsome African-American boy,” and “a nerdy looking boy” of any ethnicity. (Seeing that Eric Stoltz will be directing Episode 10, perhaps one of his former costars from Caprica — Magda Apanowicz or Alex Arsenault — could step in as Webber or Vinny?)

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But does Glee really need more characters? While that's been a burning question for more than a season now, let's go back a smidge to something Sectionals-related involving a well-loved Glee character - Rachel - and how she deals with getting busted for attempting to swing the McKinley class presidential election:

Rachel takes the punishment for trying to swing the votes in the election very calmly and maturely. Psych! Of course she’ll be upset, but if anyone can help her deal with being taken away from show choir, it’s her hunky boyfriend Finn.

Have something to share on Sam's new storyline, or Rachel's disastrous Sectionals plight? Dance your way to the comments!

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