DVD Giveaway – ‘Glee’ Season 3 Countdown!

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August 21, 2011

Glee has been officially renewed for a season 3 and as a thank you to all of you that have made this sophomore season of Glee so unforgettable and making the show the most popular on Spoilers Guide we are launching a Facebook page devoted to Glee only!

As a promotion, we are also doing this Glee Season 2 (Volume 2) DVD giveaway! Winner will be chosen on the website via random draw this summer (when new DVD will be released). Everyone can enter!

How to enter? Just one simple click with your mouse:

  1. Login to your Facebook account and “Like” our page => here or below:

To help us spread the word about the giveaway, you can recommend, retweet or send ( as a Facebook inbox message to a few friends) info about this giveaway announcement. This step is fully optional but we would really appreciate it.


  • DVD will be delivered via Amazon.com.
  • All winners will be announced on the website.
  • Everyone can enter the giveaway, as long as Amazon can ship to your address (almost all countries).

Hit the comments below with your thoughts and hopes for season 3. You also might want to check our ‘Glee’ Season 3: What To Expect post if you’re looking for more spoilers!

  • http://twitter.com/ItsDeDeTweet DeDe Puckerman

    aaahhhh!! cant wait…. I hope is meeeeeeeeeee

  • http://twitter.com/loudlittlefreak Koleen Enriquez

    WEEE I wish they would let Jon Groff appear more in the upcoming season!

  • alex

    carnt wait to see the next season for new songs

  • Lindacapri

    im soo excited i think my heart is gonna stop. i hope its me i don’t know what i’ll do this whole summer without glee, i need glee to keep my pulse racing and my heart beating, love the show, respect the actors and awsome songs. ahhhh im too excited i cant breathe!!

  • Koleen Enriquez

    Can I ask if the new DVD is released already?

  • http://twitter.com/loudlittlefreak Koleen Enriquez

    How many winners will there be?

  • Kat

    I dont care what happens, as long as Kurt has some sweet moments with Blaine. The stuff he has been through this season has been really tough on him, so he deserves some happiness!
    But this DOSENT mean that he needs to go into the background!

  • Gabriella

    i wanna win too i hope though in season 3 that finna nd rachel can stay together they are so cute together haha

  • Glihazahattrick

    where the f**k is mark!!??!!

  • Twilightfanz10

    wow this is a nice giveaway :) hope i can be those lucky winner :)

  • 2fast4L0v3

    i can’t wait !! (^^)
    n i wish i can get the DVDs 

  • 2fast4L0v3

    i can’t wait !! (^^)
    n i wish i can get the DVDs 

  • 2fast4L0v3

    i can’t wait !! (^^)
    n i wish i can get the DVDs 

  • Gleek#1

    I ? Glee

  • NiaGleeLvr

    I Wish there was a GLEE SEASON 3

  • Rachel

    i cant wait! i hope finchel works out:)

  • Reece-m-

    i think that kert should get more episodes focusing on his sexuality and the “rachel fin relatioship”….they like each other….and other people. there should also be a plot for the disabled guy (sorry forgot his name) and him getting to walk at the end of the 3rd season

  • http://twitter.com/NayNayFans Joanna

    my hope for season 3 is more brittana :D

  • Lauren

    I just liked you, thanks for the shot to win.

  • Lauren

    I just liked you, thanks for the shot to win.

  • Nina

    omg.. i wish Finn and Rach end up together… :)