Glee Season 3 Brings Senior Year and New Characters

Glee Season 3 Brings Senior Year and New Characters

I'm with Glee co-writer Ian Brennan, I always have trouble figuring out which characters are in what grades, too. But one thing's for sure, this coming season (3) will be the final senior year for some of our beloved New Directions kids at McKinley.

Which of course means eventual heartfelt and tearful goodbyes...but it also means that we'll be getting some more new characters introduced. And with the success of Chord Overstreet as Sam, Darren Criss as Blaine, and Ashley Fink as Lauren Zizes, you can bet while it will be weird, it should be something to look forward to.

"According to some fresh casting intel, producers are adding a new recurring female character described as 'Adele meets Susan Boyle.' In addition to being a great singer, interested actresses must be at least 18 years old but look like they’re in high school."

Our "Adele meets Susan Boyle" will be only one of two new female characters though. The other we know will be a beautiful someone who can sing "all kinds of music", named Rebecca. It sounds as if at least one of these female characters will be found via the new reality show, The Glee Project, based on the Digital Spy video interview with Ian Brennan below as he talks about season 3:

And...Sue Sylvester will apparently run for Congress. As Ian says, "'Nuff said."

Let's hear your thoughts on the characters, and what's coming up in season 3, in the comments!

Source: TV Line