Glee Scoop, Please! An X-Mas Episode In the Works, Kurt’s New “Mentor”, and More!

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October 24, 2010

I have some new Glee spoilers for you…! Some good stuff, too:

  • So an “X-mas/holiday/whatever episode” has been confirmed! But no details on that from the mind of Ryan Murphy quite yet.
  • It has not been confirmed though, that Rachel and Quinn will be the next gal pals to “lip-lock” – in fact, it’s a big fat resounding “no” (what? Who else had not even heard of this?). Although somebody is getting expelled soon…! (It’s not that I can’t say, I don’t even know.)
  • You know Darren Criss, the guy who’s going to be playing upcoming new gay kid, Blair/Blaine? Well apparently, the reason he and Kurt even get remotely near each other (believe me, I’ve been wondering about this…) is because Kurt seriously considers switching schools – to Dalton Academy. Here’s Darren’s latest on his character: “I think Blaine’s most important role is… as a mentor to Kurt,” said Criss, of his openly gay student. “At this point, Kurt’s [sexuality] has been such a sense of discord in his life. Blaine finds [being gay] empowering. He embraces who he is, and sees Kurt [struggling with] the same things that he had to deal with, and I think he wants to impart that knowledge.”

Okay, seriously…I thought it was Blair.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, TV Fanatic

  • Papua67

    i think quinn is going to be the expelled one… dianna doesn’t sing in the christmas cd

  • lo

    Something big happens cos colfer said there was a big meeting about it off camera. I bet kurt’s expelled for bullying a bully, but i’m sure glee will find a way of keeping ND together, cos let’s face it – without Kurt their down a stereotype and they can’t have that!