Glee Project's Lindsay Pearce is Back as Harmony! Plus, Spoilers on Sam Larsen's Character

When we first saw Glee Project runner-up Lindsay Pearce's character, Harmony in the season 3 premier, "The Purple Piano Project", the descriptive word that came to mind was definitely "crazy". Funny thing is, Lindsay agrees. In fact, the actual script for the episode described Harmony as "tap dancing Gerber baby from hell".

But will the "crazy Gerber baby" be back? Of course! Lindsay's character, Harmony has one more episode up, episode 8 "Hold on to Sixteen":

"She comes back for sectionals. She's going up against the New Directions."

We can just hear Rachel now. Lindsay's not so confident though that she thinks she automatically has future Glee episodes in the bag:

"I haven't been told, but I have a feeling that this will be my last episode. I think it all just depends. I just saw Damian [McGinty]’s episode last week. It was so good. I can't wait to see Sam's and Alex [Newell]'s. I think Sam’s coming in as Puck’s cousin or something like that. I think it might be the last hurrah for Harmony, but it's been a really, really fun charge."

Wait, Puck has a cousin? Well, if Mr. Noah Puckerman has any family, of course it's going to be a rockin' relative. Then again, maybe Sam's playing a delusional Puckerman relative. Wouldn't that be funny?

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Source: Wetpaint Entertainment / Photo credit: Caden Michael Gray via Twitter