Glee Kids Talk Spoilers & Jane Lynch Talks Sue

Glee Kids Talk Spoilers & Jane Lynch Talks Sue

Sue Sylvester is the Nicest Person Ever. Well, we don't know about that. But Jane Lynch is. Now we get to understand Sue on a whole new level, as Jane Lynch tells us all about playing everyone's favorite Cheerios coach. Read up on these quotes gathered by from a conference call she recently had with reporters. Like this one:

On her upcoming Golden Globes outfit: "No track suit."

Aw, no track suit. Darn.

Not so fast, we do have actual episode spoilers (yay!). Here's what Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) had to say about the upcoming episodes.


"The production value is going to get bigger and the story lines are going to get crazier. Obviously you can see we don't wait for anything. We're just excited about that. I think the bar has been raised, and so just by that we're being challenged."

Cory Monteith (Finn) also had a little something to spoil:

"The boundaries get pushed in a big way actually. More so in than in the first half of the season."

Crazier story lines, huh? Lucky for everyone, I don't think there's such a thing as "too crazy" when it comes to Glee. But I love how they "don't wait for anything". Sure, but they make us wait. And wait. And wait. For April. But until then, when the "crazy" stuff goes down, I guess we'll just have to be content with spoilers.

Source: Watch with Kristin / E! Online