Glee Holiday Episode: Brittany Still Believes in Santa Claus

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November 15, 2010

But other than Brittany still thinking there’s an Old St. Nick out there (can’t you just picture it?), there’s some other Christmasy stuff happening in the upcoming Glee “Christmas episode”. Here are a few more spoilers I’ve gathered for some early holiday cheer:

  • There’s one New Directions member who still believes in Santa Claus – Brittany! So the club goes to great lengths to make sure the childhood dream stays alive for her (which includes somebody even dressing up as Santa – anybody got any guesses?).
  • But! There’s a Grinch roaming McKinley’s halls…and it’s, you guessed it, Sue Sylvester. Which may prove problematic for keeping reality a secret from Brit.
  • Mercedes gets a green slushie-in-the-face!
  • Also – more relationship development for Artie and Brittany on the horizon (anyone else feel a bit like they’re bilking this one?)

Source: TV Guide

  • Vickybarton21

    Just stop the Artie&Brittany relationship!!! I want Artie&Tina!!! Anyone with me???

  • Stop with the Artie and Brittany! </3 (shatter)
    Truthfully I am a total Santana and Brittany fan.

  • April

    Brittana and Artina FTW! …and Purt, but that’s not happening anytime soon.