Glee Guest Stars: Idina Menzel Yes, J-Lo No?

Glee Guest Stars: Idina Menzel Yes,  J-Lo No?

Although J. Lo has a hit song called "I'm Real," her appearance on Glee may not be, after all.  So says the show's executive producer in an interview with TV Guide.  And Idina Menzel will not be playing Rachel's birth mother, contrary to rumor. But she will indeed be on the show.

Here's the spoiler scoop from the article:

Are any of those rumors about Idina Menzel playing Lea Michele's birth mother on Glee true? — CaseyK
MICKEY: Not yet. Ryan Murphy tells us that Menzel will be playing the ethics-free coach of Vocal Adrenaline. But might the two story lines converge? Murphy isn't ruling it out. He's also not ruling out Jennifer Lopez appearing on the show as a lunch lady who has "a Susan Boyle moment" — but he says J. Lo hasn't said yes yet.

Source: TV Guide