Glee Guest Stars: Charice (Yes) & Daniel Radcliffe (Maybe)

Glee Guest Stars: Charice (Yes) & Daniel Radcliffe (Maybe)

With a series like Glee, you know there's always bound to be confusion between what's a rumor and what isn't, but according to The Ausiello Files, international pop star, Charice has in fact landed a recurring spot in the upcoming second season:

"Well, it’s true now! Sources confirm to me exclusively that the international pop star is signed, sealed, and delivered to recur next season as a foreign exchange student whose killer vocals get Rachel (Lea Michele) contemplating murder. Not literally, mind you."

Awesome. Rachel-rival down, two more new characters to go. What do you guys think of the casting for this one?

And along with that, it appears Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter movie stardom has an interest in Broadway, and has also expressed interest in the Glee phenomenon:

He tells Access Hollywood, "Yes, absolutely (I want a role in Glee)... Of course... it's an amazing show and I (would) obviously be honoured to be asked. But, I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet. They've got standards like (Glee star) Kristin Chenoweth."

Ha, why yes they do. But I don't know about that. He's quirky enough, I could picture him on Glee. What about you guys - with some singing/dancing practice, could Daniel Radcliffe be a good fit for Glee or might his Harry Potter stereotype get in the way?

Source: Entertainment Weekly, WENN Blog