Glee Graduating? Ryan Murphy Confirms that Current Cast Will Eventually Move On

Glee Graduating? Ryan Murphy Confirms that Current Cast Will Eventually Move On

Back in 2009 when Glee first started, everyone was speculating whether the New Directions McKinley high schoolers would indeed ever graduate - or would the nature of the show take a less realistic route for the sake of keeping on members of the cast? While it was an interesting question and one that needed to be asked, it hasn't been addressed outside the fandom...until now.

Recently co-creator/executive producer, Ryan Murphy shed a little light on the plans for the series, as far as the future of McKinley goes. And as far as Murphy knows right now, the plan is to keep things real. "Every year we’re going to populate a new group. There's nothing more depressing than a high schooler with a bald spot. I think you have to be true to the fact that here is a group of people who come and go in these teachers' lives – they graduate and they're gone."

Sam Evans (played by Chord Overstreet) has been so well received by the fans as a new character that Murphy feels even more confident in the decision to eventually graduate current castmembers (he's predicting around 2012). "I was concerned about that (whether to have characters graduate and leave the show) because those kids caught on so quickly – but I think one of the things I'm very happy we’ve been able to do this years is we’ve brought in new characters. I think if you can keep regenerating – and I didn’t think we could – I didn’t know if people would want those characters (like Sam) but they do."

Of course Ryan Murphy isn't the only one not looking forward to letting go of all these talented first Gleeks we (and the Schuester) have grown attached to. "Teary goodbyes" won't be the half of it. But I'm all for keeping the realism aspect of Glee intact. What do you guys think? I'm interested to hear your thoughts/ideas in the comments!