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Glee Episode 15 "Home": Casting Call Spoilers

Glee Episode 15 "Home": Casting Call Spoilers

There are only two words to describe these characters in this casting call spoiler - very Ohio. Well, at least a couple are "very Ohio". Which means, I guess, if we couldn't tell before that Glee is set in Ohio, we probably can now. Read up on these casting call spoilers for episode 15 of Glee, "Home".


[TRACY PENDERGRASS] MALE; 30s-40s.. African American, handsome, hip, cool journalist...GUEST STAR

[PETER GOW] 40s male Asian lawyer - with a dry sense of humor. POSSIBLE 1-DAY GUEST STAR

[LEROY AND GUY] 20s-30s... They are both movers for an Ohio moving company. They are both big dudes, who are built, laid back and very Ohio. CO-STARS

[NURSE] 30s-50.. FEMALE. She is nurturing, sweet and a little round, very Ohio. She is a Nurse in a local hospital.sptv050769 2 LINE CO-STAR

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