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Glee Episode 12 "Mattress": Song Spoilers & Sneak Peeks

Glee Episode 12 "Mattress": Song Spoilers & Sneak Peeks

Another Wednesday, and we're another episode closer to "Sectionals". What are fans to do with all that free time between December's last new episode and new episodes in April? I'm thinking karaoke contests and season 1 rerun marathons, but Watch with Kristin's looking for ideas too. Watch with Kristin's also got some sneak peeks for us, for tonight's new episode (12), "Mattress".

Looks like pro-smile and anti-yearbook plans are underway...because negativity and homelessness are not the ideal circumstances for a performer.


As an added bonus, enjoy the full version of one of the songs featured in "Mattress" - Van Halen's Jump.


Source: E! Online