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Glee Episode 11 "Hairography": Song Spoilers

Glee Episode 11 "Hairography": Song Spoilers

As we get closer to tomorrow night's new episode, you guys are probably itching to hear what songs to expect. Rather than tell you to expect the unexpected, I'll throw you a microphone and let your ears listen in on some song spoilers from "Hairography", including some quick previews and a full version of Cindi Lauper's True Colors, performed by Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz). Yes, Tina gets a solo.

Other "Hairography" numbers to look forward to are John Lennon's Imagine and Destiny's Child's Bootyilicious (performed by Eve's group of girls). Though according to Watch with Kristin, guest star Eve herself (Grace Hitchens) breaks the news that she will not actually be singing during the episode:

"I won't be singing at all actually," Eve spilled to us this morning. "I'm just kind of like a choir director." Apparently her character, who works at a reform school, brings her girls to William McKinley High for a competition and "they do this bootylicious number, which blows the competition away," she said.

See what Cory Monteith (Finn) and Chris Colfer (Kurt) have to say about it in this quick behind-the-scenes snippet from Entertainment Weekly.

And last but never least, Matthew Morrison has some spoilers about the much-talked about and greatly-anticipated Madonna episode coming up. At least as far as concerns Will Schuester:

"If Emma and I were ever to get together, maybe [we could perform "Like A Virgin"] the first time we consummated the relationship," he told TV Guide Magazine. ""I want that storyline. I hope it happens. I think it would be the funniest thing because she's so OCD. I think there would be a lot of Purell involved."

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