Glee Ep13 "Sectionals": There's Still Sectionals

Glee Ep13 "Sectionals": There's Still Sectionals

As of yesterday, the Glee cast are back at work on those new episodes. You know, the ones we have to wait all the way until April for? If that's not the real clincher reminding us of the long hiatus to come, then I don't know what is.

But there's still "Sectionals", and we're winding down here on the last few spoilers to come before the big event this Wednesday. In an episode where so much can be expected (and so much is expected), it certainly would be something nice to have all those loose ends tied up, to have everything resolved. At least, as much as a series can be resolved during a finale. So you'll be happy to know that Watch with Kristin has your back on this, with some inside spoiler scoop from Cory Monteith (Finn):

"The plotlines you may have felt need resolution will be resolved. There is a lot of resolution in sectionals."

Oh, that's right. With all the baby drama going on, it sure was easy to let the actual sectionals competition slip your mind. Now those glee kids we've come to know and love will really have to strut their stuff and show us what they're made of. Let's hope they don't let the drama get to them too:

"Aside from Finn finding out, an inside source who asked to be called Clubber Lang tells me of this Wednesday's ep: 'It rocks.  Very satisfying, all scores are settled, all secrets revealed.  There are two show-stopping solos that will make the devil run home and call his mama.'"

And just to tide you over until Wednesday - the songs (in full versions) from episode 13, "Sectionals":

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