Gathering Up The Glee: More Bullying To Come, Some Quinn, and Darren Criss Promoted to Series Regular

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November 11, 2010

Gathering up the Glee spoilers here, and judging from what’s to come, we might be seeing some showdowns. As in a possible Puck-Sam showdown and somebody-vs-Karofsky showdown, but I could be reading too much into things. Check out the latest:

  • So that November 30 “untitled” episode? I hear Quinn’s going to be playing a big part in that one, including performing her own number (Quinn fans holler in the comments if you’re liking the sound of that!).
  • We’ve heard hints that once Puck got back from juvy, he definitely wouldn’t warm up to the idea of Sam stepping in and stealing his woman (although I’m sure Quinn wouldn’t take kindly to being called his anything). And it’s still being said that he will have more of a reaction to that, later on.
  • You thought you saw the last of Karofsky. Actually knowing what happened in “Never Been Kissed”, you probably didn’t. Well, it seems that in the November 23 episode, “Furt”, Schue will finally actually do something about Kurt’s bullying situation – not only that, but a fellow New Directions clubber will come to his aid (who wants to bet on Finn with me?)…and get beat-up doing so. As EW’s source told them exclusively, “Mr. Schu gets involved when he sees something done to Kurt and realizes he must take action. The episode is really about the repercussions for others…how people react to bullying when they are not the ones getting bullied.” Make way for the “bullying episode”, everyone!
  • And last (but so not least), it’s been confirmed that Darren Criss (Blaine) has been immediately jettisoned up from recurring cast to a Glee series regular – which I’m guessing will be set in motion come season 3. Kurtsies, I’m thinking this means that Ryan Murphy has decided that Blaine will in fact become more than a friend to Kurt. Thoughts on this?

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, Fancast, Deadline

  • Reagan

    darren a series regular hell to the yeah!!!!
    lol im so crazy

  • Sammmm

    Darren a series regular is an AWESOME and a bad thing. this probably means Blaine will become Kurt’s boyfriend which means the Sam and Kurt rumors will probably be put to rest. Which I don’t want….so I’m happy for more Blaine because he’s a great character, but I was hoping for a Kurt/Sam romance. and with the Karofsky thing and his struggle with his sexuality, having Sam coming out will be just an overlapping story. I’m very disappointed Sam’s not coming out….

  • Katie

    I LOVE QUINN AND SAM. so cute! (:

  • Sara

    I am very happy that Darren is going to be a regular and that Kurt and Blaine might be a couple! I can’t wait for the next one.

  • Rthom57

    “Jettisoned” means “thrown out, abandoned, discarded”. You can’t “jettisoned up”.
    And before you say it, yes, I’m the vocab police. It’s called “an editor”.

  • Axxi

    I’m glad this means Kurt’s getting a regular guy, because I was really hoping for that, but I was disappointed by how little I liked Blaine’s character :/ He just seemed dully perfect. I’m leaning towards Kurtofsky here… >_>;; -shot-

  • Michaela

    I LOVE QUINN AND SAM.. but if puck gets jealous… it is going to be hell…for Sam. YES! finally Quinn is doing her own song.. you gotta love her singing :) i really hope Finn is going to stand up for Kurt.. it would be so cute.. :):):) and Blaine’s is going to be a regular.. :) Kurt and Blaine are so cute.. even if they are just friends for right doesn’t mean anything is going to happen in the future:)


    Darren Criss as a series regular = LOVE ALL AROUND! HEART HEART HEART! MWA!
    Darren Criss as more than a friend to Kurt = DAVE AND KURT FOREVER BITCH!

  • Anastasia107

    im not in the mood for evvvvery episode to be about kurt and his love interest, he really is beginning to annoy me.
    finallllllllly some quinn, she has hardly said 1 sentence this season!! its ridiculous!!!
    and yayyyy im dying for puck to get in the middle of puck and sam

  • nevergiveup

    Lot of good stuff in the nex few weeks! I’m dying to hear Quinn perform her own number!!
    No doubt that Puck is going to stand up for his “woman”. Does he mean Santana or Quinn? Either way, there will be arguments. Ryan Murphy said, “Season 2 is all about bullying” plus Kurt wasn’t the only one being bullied. By November 23, it’s going to hit the fan! Kurt is experiencing exactly what Blaine told him – the constant bullying at the school, then getting comfort and accepted when he went to the other school. Will Kurt leave WMKH? It may pave the way for what Ryan Murphy described as a “king and king homecoming”. Do your own research and check it out.

    I mean think about it. Santana was kissing Brittany’s neck, Karofsky kissed Kurt… what’s next? I’m sure we will soon see.

  • Agustina_indrawati88

    Yaaayyyy.. FINALLY!!! SOME QUINN!! I’ve been waiting for sooooo long! I ship QUICK and QUAM too.. So, i’m dying to see Puck-Sam showdown!! :D

  • Drake45girl

    Well Puck came back from juvy the episode before last pretty crappy that he waited two whole episodes to do anything about. So i think that Sam defends kurt and that’s how he gets those bruises.

    Darren being a regular is just terrible, there are so many other people who deserve that spot… not him. Just becasue all the avpm fans bought his version of teenage dream, the episode had one of the lowest ratings of the series though. Chord deserves to be a regular so much more than Darren does and it’s not fair that after not even all of an episode and not even ten minutes of the next episode that he’s apparently popular enough to be a regular. Seriousl it’s bullcrap.

  • Clarissa Rybicki

    WAHOO! Darren Criss coming back again and again. He is the man and I am so glad that Kurt has found someone he can really relate to and confide in. It’s a beautiful thing!
    Not to mention Darren Criss and Chris Colfer are the two most adorable things I have ever seen. They are both so grand and I can’t wait to see what other things they will be doing together even if their relationship isn’t romantic.

  • Clarissa Rybicki

    Why are you hating on Darren? His character is needed for the growth of gay youth being accepted. It gives Kurt someone to really trust which I think is really a beautiful thing.