Glee Season 2 Episode 21 “Funeral” Promo #2

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May 12, 2011

Here’s another Glee promo for next week’s episode, “Funeral”. Make sure you also take a look at the links below for more spoilers and videos!

  • guest

    Why do they bother putting ‘new’ promos on tv? There’s barely anything different…

  • Matej

    Well, there’s always one or two seconds of new footage – that’s a spoiler I guess! :) 

  • Brenda Huapaya

    At 00:11 you can see that Kurt’s holding flowers and Finn has a stuffed animal. (Looks like a cat to me. Other people say it’s an elephant)

  • hannah

    it looks like a dog to me.. a really CUTE dog… wish finn would give it to rachel

  • Savvy_avy91

    that is definitely a cat toy Finn is holding. I’m 100% positive, I paused it right on the mark, and it’s very obvious that it’s a cat toy 

  • July

    It’s a grey cat. 

  • Saz Cash

     Gaaahhh! WEMMA! So want them to get back together. I love them. Really want to know who dies. This looks like it’s gonna be a good episode. I still think it could be Rachel’s mum. I also think Quinn & Finn are going to break up and something else will metaphorically die. My guess is there will be an actual death, a death of a relationship (Quinn & Finn, and maybe Puck & Lauren) and another form of death (in a more metaphorical sense). I’m assuming not the death of the glee club because that would mean the show would be over!

  • DeDe Puckerman

     Is one of Rachel parents?? …….. I dont know what 2 think

  • Omfggluvxoxo

    Anyone else see Kurt and Finn with flowers and a stuffed Kitty walking into that room???? 

  • guest

     can anyone please answer me, i just saw the new episode but there were a part of the promo which i didnt see when quinn told finn we need to quit the club would you please tell me which minute is or when does it happen?

  • Lauren

    SUES SISTER DIES!!!! So sue kicks becky of cheerios beacause she reminded her too much of her sister.

  • Claire Luckcameron

    ooh i cryed