Fuinn To Unravel, Finchel To Come

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May 3, 2011

You know those super-cool photos taken on the set of Glee in New York? Apparently as far as exciting New York photos go, those aren’t the half of it.

In case you’re not already squeeing in response to the newest one below (Finchel kiss!), I think it’s safe to say that that could very well lead to the Finn-and-Quinn “unraveling”. Probably. (click on image to enlarge)


So what else is in store for all our favorite Gleeks? Just a couple of things, mainly New York-Nationals-related:

  • So, how ’bout that Finchel? The latest is that the Finn-and-Quinn relationship will “unravel” – which of course can only mean good news for Finn and Rachel. But it will mean very, very bad news for Finn and Quinn.
  • Glee bosses are currently casting for a “nice, slightly overweight security guard at a New York City theater”. Unless this means Mercedes is now demanding security too, some are speculating that somebody missing their Nationals performance at NYC could be a very real possibility.

Make sure you also check the spoilers on “Funeral” episode from last week.

What say you guys? Comments time!

Sources: E! Online, TwitPic, Reesa

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  • JustJ2010

    So done with Finchel, nothing about Finn makes me want Rachel to go running back into his arms.

  • JustBeFriends

    I’m happy for Rachel and all but I think she deserves better then Finn. I want them to just be friends…they are better off as just friends.

  • Rf0102


  • Savetheearth1362

    Finchel 100%

  • glee216

    but Jessie is coming back so they may not be together it could just be that kiss….so goes to console Quinn and gets slapped lmao

  • emilya

    FINCHEL <3

  • Kinsey Mack

    i really hope quinn and finn break up they r not meant for each other

  • dada

    sorry, but i recently a video of this scene and they don’t kiss. Rachel pushes him away. 

  • dd