Fox Press Tour Party: Glee Gab Gives Spoilers

Fox Press Tour Party: Glee Gab Gives Spoilers

Both Kristin Dos Santos of Watch with Kristin and Michael Ausiello of The Ausiello Files attended the Fox press tour party...and managed to nab some spoiler tidbits from the Gleeful cast while they were there. " that...? I see Ryan Murphy over there. He's nodding." Well, that's one way of getting them to talk. Heh.

The exclusive video interview from Entertainment Weekly's The Ausiello Files, unfortunately, can't be embedded, but you can go give it a watch over here. Then check out these other exclusive video interviews from E! Online:

We also have some general episode spoilers for you guys - via Fancast. First, Mark Salling (Puck) and Cory Monteith (Finn) both have something to say regarding that little bundle of joy-to-come:

“As we saw in the last episode, the truth did come out,” Mark Salling told me, “so I think Puck’s gonna have the chance to man up.” After all, Mark notes, “He’s always wanted to be the father [to the baby-to-be].” And how is Finn taking it all? “He still has a LOT to deal with,” is all Cory Monteith would say.

And Jesslyn Gilsig has some inside info on seemingly evil Terry:

Terry may be down, but she’s not out. Jesslyn Gilsig says that Mr. Schue’s Mrs. is going to fight for her man by reminding him of how things were when they first met.

So...about those video interviews. Got any favorite parts? Mine: "It's either [Ryan Murphy] or a homeless guy that looks like him". Gotta love Kristin.