Fox Amps Up Glee with Longer Second Season

Fox Amps Up Glee with Longer Second Season

In response to the overwhelming...well, response to the singing smash hit that Glee brought, Fox plans to kick things up a notch and elongate the next season. According to series co-creator Ryan Murphy, we're already getting more songs per episode - now we'll be getting more songs per season:

“Season 2 will be much bigger and much longer,” series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed to us over the weekend at PaleyFest ‘10. “We are talking about doing 25 episodes as opposed to [the customary] 22.”

Murphy added that he hopes to inject the show’s sophomore season with a “sweet feeling… like I loved it when The Brady Bunch went to Hawaii. I want [New Directions] to go to some competition in New York.”

Here's the story of New Directions...

Here's to bigger and better things for season 2! Speaking of season 2.... I know we've all been doing it, so - what songs would you guys like to see showcased on Glee? Sing it loud in the comments.

How 'bout The Brady Bunch theme? ;)

Source: The Ausiello Files / Entertainment Weekly