Finnchel This Season? Word on the Rachel-Finn Breakup

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December 10, 2010

EDIT: According to Entertainment Weekly, a Glee source recently confirmed that the Rachel-Finn pairing is indeed “done…for now”. But it sounds like Rachel will be going all Barbra on us again and trying to get Finn back similar to in The Way We Were. So I’m sure there’s hope out there, Finnchel fans.

Got some scoop for you Finnchel fans, via E! Online. Looking like there might be some romance in the works for a different pair altogether. Read on for all the juicy details:

So what’s with Finn and Rachel’s more than unexpected breakup? Didn’t creator/producer Ryan Murphy say there wouldn’t be a breakup for them this season? Well yes he did, but anybody else notice what Rachel said last episode: “You said you’d never break up with me!”

Of course there is some slightly good news for Finnchel. There’s at least going to be plenty of Christmas angst going on for the two of them, with the holiday songs, “Merry Christmas Darling” and “Last Christmas”. Angst over a breakup is better than no relationship coverage at all, right?

Maybe. But there’s also some good news for non-Finnchel fans. Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang) dropped by E! Online to let them know while there might not be any Finn-and-Rachel going on soon, that means there’s a good chance more Puckleberry will be happening. Hear that, Puckleberry fans?!

Get over to the comments, Finnchel and Puckleberry Gleeks alike, to discuss!

  • Lotem

    Noo!!! I want Puck and Quinn drama!!!

  • Sarah_m_bea

    YESS!! :D go puckleberry

  • julia_g_gleelover


  • Amanda123

    very disappointing:(

  • Lindsay

    Yes!!! I love Rachel and Puck!!! I’ve been waiting for their second chance! :)

  • Lauren


  • Guest

    Rachel and Jesse should get back together, and so should Finn and Quinn.

  • Abbey

    St. Berry REPRESENTIN’

  • Number1Gleek.

    Who cares about Rachel and Puck? Rachel and Finn have to be together. No questioning it. If they aren’t together, I’m sorry, but you are losing your biggest gleek.

  • Mel

    I have been waiting for Puckelberry!!!! <3 I hope they get together, they are perfect for one another!!!! I am so thrilled. I just hope Puckelberry is endgame!!

  • A_leiz

    yeah. finn and rachell’s voices are just made to sing together. like, always.

  • Jess200394

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUCKELBERRY <3

  • Teresa Comstock

    Are u serious????? Jesse was not a nice person. Plus,

  • Lnl2fan

    Yay! I want to see Puckleberry!

  • Annika

    Puckelberry <33

  • Angelica


  • krisss

    yay puckleberry!!!
    look finchel fans give us a break finn and rachel have had loads of drama and episodes together its puck and rachel’s turn!!!
    plus rachel’s changed while she was with finn and not in the good way… he brings out the worst in her
    i’m tired of ALWAYS hearing rachel and finn sing together… yes their voices go together great but give other characters/duets a chance
    anyway i’m happy and can’t wait for puckleberry :D

  • Julesviolet

    Puckleberry or Finnchel you ask? My answer is Klaine.

  • (:

    im still waiting for sam and puck to fight over quinn

  • Puckleberry

    Finchel sucks!! I did a happy dance when they broke up, I hate them together.

    Long live Puckleberry!!!

  • Frostbite212

    I’m so pleased that they are going to explore Puckleberry – to be really really really honest, they are much more interesting together than Finchel, who seriously make me want to gouge my eyes out whenever they are on screen.

  • PixxieTrixx

    “plus rachel’s changed while she was with finn and not in the good way… he brings out the worst in her”

    Agree with you there Krisss. I honestly cannot stand Finn and Rachel together, they are completely awful. I was extremely happy when they broke up, I really hope they never get back together.

    I think Rachel and Puck should be together – she makes him a better person, and he calls her out on her B.S

    Ryan Murphy, listen up! Puckleberry should come back onto our screens. Forget about Finn and Rachel – just because they were the leads DOES NOT mean that they should be together.

  • Ktyjjang

    noooooooo i want FINNCHEL :(

  • Lauren

    I want Finnchel!

  • geekme

    dnt care

  • Mel

    Couldn’t agree with you more! Early season 1, I didn’t care if either Puckelberry or Finnchel happened until Finn gave her a reason to turn to Jesse. I then stopped liking Finnchel. Season 2 made it worse and, to me, what tiny bit of chemistry I thought they had disappeared completely.

  • Piggieontherun!

    that doesn’t mean they’re meant to be together

  • piggyontherun

    U said Puckleberry!

  • Puckleberry supporter

    PUCKLEBERRY Forever! Finchel is getting boring!!! =D

  • Finn is love :)

    OMG i will stop watching Glee if Rachel and Finn don’t start going out again

  • Puckelberry67

    Totally agree, finn and rachel have barely any chemistry plus he tries to change who she is whilst puck knew she was kinda crazy yet stayed with her :D

  • Denice claire falsis

    I really want Finn and Rachel to get back together… it’s so sad…

  • DamonMaBiatch


  • DamonMaBiatch

    Yeah the question was who should RACHEL be with and had nothing to do with kurt or blaine, get your facts straight. (No offence)

  • Lala

    I’m a fan of any Rachel pairing that doesn’t involve Finn, so yay?

  • puckleberryxD

    Glee is still going to get a million other views even if people like you stop. newsflash its just a show you wont die if finn and rachel arnt together

  • puckleberryxD

    Glee is still going to get a million other views even if people like you stop. newsflash its just a show you wont die if finn and rachel arnt together

  • Xxomeganox

    if rachel and finn dont get back not watching the show anymore.

  • A. T.O

    I loved Finnchel in the first season, but the second season (boo) has Rachel doing nothing but popping out of nowhere to sing solos or making out with Finn. Lea Michele is more talented than that, she deserves a better written character (or rather, the character that was already written and apparently died over the summer :l)

  • Barrelgirl54

    I will not want to watch glee nearly as much if finn and rachel don’t get back together

  • Tabsygreen

    I totally agree. They are the main reason I like Glee- I thought there would be no breakup!!!! :((( I’m so sad


    if Finn and Rachel dont get back together than i will not be watching Glee anymore

  • Nic

    I could care less about Rachel and Finn, all they do is break up and get back together again, I’m bored with them. Putting her with Puck (or Jesse, who I hear is coming back this season) adds some flare to the show. Can’t wait to see some Puckleberry action!

  • Finchel 4ever!!

    Omg!! That’s what I said to like everyone that would listen lol nut seriously they r perfect for eachother. Screw puckleberry and fuinn and st. Berry go FINCHEL!!!! Yay!

  • Finchel is god :P

    Chill it’s called a comment it’s not literal. So she/ he like finchel theirs nothing wrong with that. I said the same thing.

  • Taytaydancer97

    I’m so on your side for that

  • finchel forever

    finchel forever i will stop watching if they don’t get back together and puckelberry is old news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m still waiting for sam and puck to fight over Quinn it will be funny

    plus sontanna did that on purpous but rachel come on making out with puck was so not the soloution duh brain

  • Guest

    Finn and Quinn 4ever

  • erika

    just please, make Finn and Rachel back together, or i’ll bet this show’s rating down