Finnchel This Season? Word on the Rachel-Finn Breakup

Finnchel This Season? Word on the Rachel-Finn Breakup

EDIT: According to Entertainment Weekly, a Glee source recently confirmed that the Rachel-Finn pairing is indeed "done...for now". But it sounds like Rachel will be going all Barbra on us again and trying to get Finn back similar to in The Way We Were. So I'm sure there's hope out there, Finnchel fans.

Got some scoop for you Finnchel fans, via E! Online. Looking like there might be some romance in the works for a different pair altogether. Read on for all the juicy details:

So what's with Finn and Rachel's more than unexpected breakup? Didn't creator/producer Ryan Murphy say there wouldn't be a breakup for them this season? Well yes he did, but anybody else notice what Rachel said last episode: "You said you'd never break up with me!"

Of course there is some slightly good news for Finnchel. There's at least going to be plenty of Christmas angst going on for the two of them, with the holiday songs, "Merry Christmas Darling" and "Last Christmas". Angst over a breakup is better than no relationship coverage at all, right?

Maybe. But there's also some good news for non-Finnchel fans. Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang) dropped by E! Online to let them know while there might not be any Finn-and-Rachel going on soon, that means there's a good chance more Puckleberry will be happening. Hear that, Puckleberry fans?!

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