Finchel’s Proposal: Will Rachel’s Answer Be “Yes” or “No”?

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January 18, 2012


It might not have had the finesse, the grandeur, or the…water…that Will’s proposal to Emma had, but Finchel’s proposal in “Yes/No” was just as poignant and memorable. Finn’s proposal to Rachel certainly made the episode deserving of its last-minute title switch from “The Proposal” to “Yes/No”.

So what will it be, Rachel – yes, or no?

Though “Yes/No” left us at a cliff-hanger, Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) assures us the next episode, “Michael” – the Michael Jackson tribute – will give us a definitive answer as to Rachel’s decision:

“She provides her answer — in true Glee form — in song. We pick up where we left off tonight in the following episode…it is a definite answer. But, you know how kids are. I don’t think it’s going to be as simple as they think. I suspect there’s more down the road. Her answer is shocking, I can tell you that.”

Shocking how, exactly? Said proposal between his best gal pal and step-bro will certainly come as a shock to Kurt, Cory says:

“There’s one stirring scene in particular with Finn and Kurt — a “I thought we were supposed to be brothers” moment. There will be the kind of reaction that you would expect. Also, I think Finn is going to be on the learning curve of “Oh, it wasn’t just as simple as proposing and her saying yes.” There’s a lot more to it.”

Share your thoughts in the comments below on the big proposal, and what you think it might mean for the future of Finchel. (Our only hints to go by here are a song and “shocking”, so get creative with your speculations!)

Sources: TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly

  • Ericann726

    if you saw the promo of Michael and he says its been exactly 3 days 7 min. since ive proposed to u and she says my answer is… it sounds like shes gunna say yes i cant wait dying for 2 weeks to come faster

  • Ericann726

    if you saw the promo of Michael and he says its been exactly 3 days 7 min. since ive proposed to u and she says my answer is… it sounds like shes gunna say yes i cant wait dying for 2 weeks to come faster

  • Kociaczekxd

    2 weeks is to long. i cant wait any longer !!!!!

  • Haeliegh

    If Rachel says no i think i will give up on glee all together. There is no way I will ever be able to watch it again, in seeing Rachels selfish act of going off to college and leaving Finn behind to work in his Step Dads Workshop. Yes she has dreams to pursue but she also knew what she was getting into when she told Finn she would be with him for their senior year.  

  • gleefan111

    she says my answer FOR NOW is….. and i  really hope she says yes

  • finchel’smyheart

    I really hope Rachel says Yes!!! Finn is very vunerable right now and it show Rachel in a different light not as selfish I loved every moment in this episode 2 weeks is way too long I am also missing my Brittany one liners!!! And then finchel can have a long engagement and they start their life in new York

  • Rachel Says Yes!!!

    She soooo says yes because Cory said that she will answer in song and this is the song that they have for the michael episode “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”. Go and look at the lyrics for this song!!!! :)

  • AKA

    I think Rachel will say No at start, because she is afraid that this relationship will end her dream of New York and other professional stuff. But, in the middle of the episode, she will realize how important and strong are her feelings, so they’ll end up together singing “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” by Michael episode.

  • Meow

    If she says no, it’s not selfish, it’s practical. It’s what any person her age in her situation should do. Her future is more important and if Finn tries to get in the way of that, he doesn’t deserve her.

    But it’s glee aka the Finchel show, so for sure, she’s going to say yes.

  • lauren

    i think she’ll say yes as the shirt finns wearing in the picture is the same one he was wearing in the epidose

  • Memory

    Ugh, if Rachel says yes then I’ll stop watching the show altogether. Who says a boy should come before your dreams? If Finn did love her, she’d let her pursue her dreams and make things work long distance without pressuring her into marriage so young. He can’t even provide for her, can’t even remember she’s vegan and feeds her meat, yeah, that relationship will work.

  • Jen

    hope she says yes. pics indicate it

  • Lizlembesis

    Rachel better say no; I adore finchel, however, Rachel needs to peruse her dreams as a star before she marries a high school love affair. Finn honestly might be holding her back, therefore, if she says yes I will deal with that. Go Rachel Berry! p.s. Rachel needs to relay on her idol Barbra for this kind of desision…Rachel does what Brabra does it is as simple as that.

  • FinchelForLife(FFL)

    That doesn’t indicate that she says yes, they aren’t filming in that photo so it could be a ring belonging to Lea Michele and not part of the episode, though I really hope she says yes *crosses fingers* I LOVE Finchel! If she says no and they break up I am not going to watch it anymore.

  • FinchelForLife(FFL)

    I think she will say yes, Finn isn’t coming before her dreams because the way I see it Finn and Broadway are both her dreams and she couldn’t live without either. Put Finn and Broadway in front of Rachel and she couldn’t say no!

  • Efbdancer

    i think that she will say when they are older they will get married but not  now 

  • Jill1108

    I understand everyone’s point and opinion but yes does not mean lets get married tomorrow. Yes is an I love you action in its simplest form. I was engaged for three years for finally walking down the isle. I will NOT give up on Glee if she says no BUT will be disappointed. I am very much hoping she says YES!! I cannot wait until the 31st, it cannot come soon enough! As long as Rachel’s answer and Finn’s reaction does not break them up, I’m happy!!! “maxing out his first credit card” such a cute gesture. **sighs*** If that was me, i would have died right then because Cory is so fine!!!

  • .:90210fan:.

    Exactly!! Plus, we know that Finn really has no plans for after school (can’t sing or dance well enough to get into a school for it, the football recruiter didn’t like him, and I think they pretty much put down the military option after he figured out what happened to his dad). So, he could really support Rachel with Broadway and be there for her and basically follow her where she needs to go. 

  • .:90210fan:.

    Everyone is freaking out about Rachel “giving up her dreams” for Finn. But is that really what she’s doing if she says yes? No; I don’t think so, anyway. No one said they were gonna get married tomorrow… I’m sure if she says yes they are going to wait a while to get married. And aside from working at his dad’s shop, Finn doesn’t really have plans for after school so it’s not like he’ll be telling Rachel to give up her dreams of Broadway. It’ll actually be easier cause he can follow her there. Finn wants nothing more than for Rachel to be happy, so he’s still going to support her dreams. I personally really hope Rachel says yes… I love those two together and even though it won’t be easy, I’m sure they can work it out. Plus, why would she say no in song form… that’s just kind of cruel. 

  • Xanthipppe2854

    I think Rachel should accept his proposal so she can be a ‘beacon’ for Finn, and he can be a home base for her, while she pursues her dream and he takes her advice from a few episodes ago and finds a NEW dream. Finn is the most mature character in that cast, and he has management chops and people skills he has only just begun to discover. There’s no telling where he can go with those skills, in time.