Finchel's Proposal: Will Rachel's Answer Be "Yes" or "No"?

Finchel's Proposal: Will Rachel's Answer Be "Yes" or "No"?

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It might not have had the finesse, the grandeur, or the...water...that Will's proposal to Emma had, but Finchel's proposal in "Yes/No" was just as poignant and memorable. Finn's proposal to Rachel certainly made the episode deserving of its last-minute title switch from "The Proposal" to "Yes/No".

So what will it be, Rachel - yes, or no?

Though "Yes/No" left us at a cliff-hanger, Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson) assures us the next episode, "Michael" - the Michael Jackson tribute - will give us a definitive answer as to Rachel's decision:

"She provides her answer -- in true Glee form -- in song. We pick up where we left off tonight in the following is a definite answer. But, you know how kids are. I don't think it's going to be as simple as they think. I suspect there's more down the road. Her answer is shocking, I can tell you that."

Shocking how, exactly? Said proposal between his best gal pal and step-bro will certainly come as a shock to Kurt, Cory says:

"There's one stirring scene in particular with Finn and Kurt — a "I thought we were supposed to be brothers" moment. There will be the kind of reaction that you would expect. Also, I think Finn is going to be on the learning curve of "Oh, it wasn't just as simple as proposing and her saying yes." There's a lot more to it."

Share your thoughts in the comments below on the big proposal, and what you think it might mean for the future of Finchel. (Our only hints to go by here are a song and "shocking", so get creative with your speculations!)

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