Finchel Moments and Hilarious Finn Coming Up!

Finchel Moments and Hilarious Finn Coming Up!

There's still hope for Finchel, and of course loads of hope for Klaine. But in the midst of all the relationships hubbub, there's Karofsky and the upcoming Lady Gaga tribute.

While Kevin McHale (Artie) couldn't tell us much, he did tell us that the Born This Way feature "ties in with the storyline nicely." And if we're getting Karofsky + Lady Gaga, you just know this could possibly mean a coming-out (finally). But we're just guessing here.

Check out these little scooplets ranging from prom to Nationals:

  • Okay, so what's the deal on Finchel at prom? Everybody's being pretty sneaky about it and beating around the bush, but what we do know is that, at least we'll get some "fun Finchel moments" and "hilarious Finn material" out of Quinn's race for prom queen. And I'm all for more hilarious Finn material.
  • But is there hope for more than just some little "moments"? Cory Monteith (Finn) says there's definitely hope. "That's a very important, very central relationship to the show. It's been pretty interesting to see how he went into the relationship with Quinn and how it's going to unravel." Ooh....
  • Let's recap here: Finn and Rachel may not be together, but we'll at least get some great Finchel "moments" and know that there's hope for the future. But what about now? Rachel needs a date for prom! Well I wouldn't worry about that because she'll have plenty of dates. Yep, dates plural. As in more than one. :0
  • Whatever will Blaine do with Kurt's return to New Directions on the horizon? My guess is touring all the GAPs in Ohio. Which reinforces this little fact: We don't know if we can wait until season 3! But think of it this way, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? I don't know if it's possible to grow any fonder of Blaine, but there's a small chance that he may be following Kurt to Nationals.

So I'm dying to read what your guesses are for Rachel's two prom dates. I think I have a pretty good guess, but I'll leave that up to you guys in the comments.

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