Finchel Moments and Hilarious Finn Coming Up!

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April 7, 2011

There’s still hope for Finchel, and of course loads of hope for Klaine. But in the midst of all the relationships hubbub, there’s Karofsky and the upcoming Lady Gaga tribute.

While Kevin McHale (Artie) couldn’t tell us much, he did tell us that the Born This Way feature “ties in with the storyline nicely.” And if we’re getting Karofsky + Lady Gaga, you just know this could possibly mean a coming-out (finally). But we’re just guessing here.

Check out these little scooplets ranging from prom to Nationals:

  • Okay, so what’s the deal on Finchel at prom? Everybody’s being pretty sneaky about it and beating around the bush, but what we do know is that, at least we’ll get some “fun Finchel moments” and “hilarious Finn material” out of Quinn’s race for prom queen. And I’m all for more hilarious Finn material.
  • But is there hope for more than just some little “moments”? Cory Monteith (Finn) says there’s definitely hope. “That’s a very important, very central relationship to the show. It’s been pretty interesting to see how he went into the relationship with Quinn and how it’s going to unravel.” Ooh….
  • Let’s recap here: Finn and Rachel may not be together, but we’ll at least get some great Finchel “moments” and know that there’s hope for the future. But what about now? Rachel needs a date for prom! Well I wouldn’t worry about that because she’ll have plenty of dates. Yep, dates plural. As in more than one. :0
  • Whatever will Blaine do with Kurt’s return to New Directions on the horizon? My guess is touring all the GAPs in Ohio. Which reinforces this little fact: We don’t know if we can wait until season 3! But think of it this way, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? I don’t know if it’s possible to grow any fonder of Blaine, but there’s a small chance that he may be following Kurt to Nationals.

So I’m dying to read what your guesses are for Rachel’s two prom dates. I think I have a pretty good guess, but I’ll leave that up to you guys in the comments.

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  • Andrea Alcalá

    Oh please be Jesse, Please be Jesse!

  • Sarahdorothyhughes

    Agreed. I have no idea who number 2 could be, though…

  • GLeek

    probably jesse.. or even possibly puck! (buti can only hope since “lauren” is in the picture! :| ) but maybe one of the football players.. well this is gLee! ya never know!!!! :P

  • Evie7808

    it HAS to be Jesse!! i was thinking maybe Finn finds out that Quinn is just using him, dumps quinn, Rachel dumps Jesse, and the 2nd date will be Finn!!

  • Vhgy

    I think it will be her dads

  • Guest

    My Guess Blaine and Kurt

  • JustJ2010

    Not even going to lie I’m over Finchel, Finn’s character was just an ass this whole season. I know that Finchel will be the end game, but I’d be happy if Rachel and Sam went to prom and become a couple. I think the two of them are so cute.

  • ekm786

    I don’t want it to be Jesse because he was so mean to her at the end of season 1 it was horrible! :(

  • molliemoo!:)

    Got to be jesse… it has to be!!

  • Morgan

    i think i read somewhere that she might be going with blaine and kurt

  • Sarahdorothyhughes

    Actually, the more I think about it, the more I agree with you. They may not be able to get approval or whatever to come together, so they both come as Rachel’s dates! I think that would be cute.

  • Samm

    Apparently she’ll go with a group of friends, Mercedes, Sam, and possibly Jesse.



  • Kdavis45

    its so going to be kurt and blain. Just watch…

  • Bella

    YES please let it be JESSE!!!!

  • V2113

    Oh, that would be so sweet! And a perfect way to bring them to prom, seeing as they go to a different school…

  • v2113

    But you forget, he was pressured into it by the rest of Vocal Adrenaline. The last thing he said to her was, “I really did love you,” before he reluctantly smashed one egg on her face, while he looked like he felt HORRIBLE. Don’t forget what he said to Shelby: he had started out as just doing his job, but then he actually started to ike her, and he DIDN’T WANT HER TO GET HURT!!!

  • V2113

    Well, since they said dates, plural, I’m going to say it’s gotta be Kurt and Blaine. I can see the photo already… those two smiling, and her ducking out last second, LOL. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesse was THERE, not necessarily as her date though.

  • River

    Okay, that might be cute… but seriously. Two guys can’t go together, but one chick bringing TWO guys is okay?

    No, Kurt and Blaine need to be each other’s dates and Rachel has to go with someone else. Don’t care who, it will probably be hilarious no matter what.

  • River

    Okay, that might be cute… but seriously. Two guys can’t go together, but one chick bringing TWO guys is okay?

    No, Kurt and Blaine need to be each other’s dates and Rachel has to go with someone else. Don’t care who, it will probably be hilarious no matter what.

  • gizz

    Jesse and Sam <3

  • Amanda Saunders

    Perhaps, but the warblers are performing at McKinleys prom… I don’t see any reason for them to be doing that unless it’s a way for Kurt to get Blaine into the prom… and if that’s the case, they don’t need to be Rachel’s “dates”

  • Reed

    I think it’s Sam. Hmmm, I prefer Sam than Finn. I mean if I were Rachel I would just moved on like he did. =)

  • princess90pika

    I don’t care who she brings, just give me those Glee already… It’s a very stressing moment waiting for the next episode… Gosh, it’s next week, isn’t it? Just. Can’t. Wait.

  • Cherry

    Please not Jesse- he was very mean and even though he was pressured, if you actually loved someone— you would not do that!!

  • shehunt

    I think it will be either Blaine and Kurt or she’ll go with both her dads. I agree with another person who said it about Finn – his character went to being a total jerk this season and I think Rachel does better without him. I like they’re little moments as friends, but I think it’s better seeing her more independent and on her own. She was better when she was with Jesse and actually is better even when she’s with Puck. Finn just drags her down.

  • Anon

    Yesssssssssssssss Definitely Jesse!!! WOOO

  • MaggieC

    I think so too.
    They did say that we would get to see her dads this season…

  • Sarah

    im betting its jesse and sam :P

  • Tania Esparza

    JESSE!!! I wish she could end up with Jesse

  • Puckleberry_Love_Like_Whoa!

    i’m hoping for either Puck or Sam…Mostly Puck!!! PLEASE LET IT BE PUCK!!!!!!!

  • Toughgirl1567

    its jesse and that nerdy kid from av club wit the glasses and red hair can’t remember his name

  • Hannahbanmargolsese

    his name is jacob. And he is a nerd and rachel would never

  • Evelyne

    so it’s been revealed that Jesse is back at WMHS to help a friend, right? what if the friend is Rachel? I think that they meet somewhere, randomly, and Jesse goes to Rachel and apologizes and tells her if there is anything he could do for her, he will. Rachel said he could be her date to prom, to make Finn jealous or something. So I think Jesse will be one of the dates.
    The second one… hm, yes, maybe it really is Jacob? Not like she was okay with that, but maybe he just walks around yelling she’s his date, but it isn’t true.
    AND maybe Kurt will be her date. Because Blaine doesn’t go to WMHS and he wants to help out Rachel because she feels sad or something so they go together. …

  • smooth46

    Yeah you’re right finn was so fool to leave rachel for quinn,she should move on too

  • smooth46

    I guess it will be jesse,puck will probably go to prom with lauren.