Fancast Scoop: Roller Rink Duets & Romantic Futures

Fancast Scoop: Roller Rink Duets & Romantic Futures

Read on for Glee spoilers, including a future episode co-creator Brad Falchuk dubs, "maybe our best one yet":

I’ve heard that ‘Glee’s April and Schu perform a duet in a roller rink. What song do they sing? – Torrey

Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison are on ‘Fire’ when they make like the Pointer Sisters on April 26. “The episode with Kristen in it, I think, is maybe our best one yet,” says ‘Glee’ co-creator Brad Falchuk – and I’m inclined to agree. Whereas ‘Glee’s better episodes feature show-stopping numbers, “Home” is really about something. As Falchuk notes, “It’s really moving.” Reminder: ‘Glee’ starts tonight at 9:28, and I’ve been told to tweak the DVR to run 15 minutes over.

What have you got on ‘Glee’s Finn and Rachel and their romantic future? – Nicole

The root-for couple’s nascent romance hits the skids early on in this week’s episode, and it’ll take time for the kids to get back in gear. “Sometimes it’s going to be him going after her, and sometimes it’s going to be her going after him,” says Brad Falchuk. The good news is that by the June 8 season finale, “We’ll reach a temporary conclusion to that.” Worth noting: The Puck/Quinn element of this quadrangle is nonexistent for the first three episodes, though the luminous Dianna Agron has a pretty great scene with Amber Riley’s Mercedes in Ep. 3.

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